get yer kilt! ride hard!
with Off Kilter Bike!
Bike in a Kilt with Off Kilter Bike
in St. Andrews by-the-Sea!

On sabbatical!

Reduced operations for summer 2017
Fewer dates available this summer  
mid-July to mid-August  
Small groups of 2-4 riders only
Limited rentals also available

Explore the natural history of beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay in St. Andrews by-the-Sea,
New Brunswick and the surrounding area on a high-end mountain bike and with a custom made biking kilt! Join Kurt of “Off Kilter Bike” for an easy, moderate or expert ride on easy rolling terrain or challenging single track.

Check us out on CBC's "The National" News, as reporter Matthew Bingley came to see what kilted cycling is all about.

Kurt's dad, Fuat Gumushel moved to Canada in the mid 1960's and set up shop in St. Andrews as a tailor. It wasn't long before he was making kilts for the locals and developed a reputation as a Master Kilt Maker. A few years ago, he designed a kilt for some of the local mountain bikers and Off Kilter Bike was born. He designed the kilts to be light weight, functional and of course, stylish. Occasionally Fuat takes orders for custom cycling kilts.

The biking kilts are now the trademark of Off Kilter Biking Tours, an outfit run by Fuat's son, Kurt, who takes private clients or groups out on Rocky Mountain Bikes and loaner kilts for easy, moderate, expert or theme rides.


So, why the kilt? Perhaps because they are located in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, with its Scottish name and heritage and that the staff at the nearby Algonquin Resort, wear kilts. There is now a local biking group called Off Kilter and everyone who rides with Gumushel is fitted for a kilt.

Lots of people are sporting the kilts, from bikers, to ultra runners, to triathletes.

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