How to build an AFK Fish Farm → The fastest way to get Enchantment Books & fully enchanted diamond armor!

This AFK Fish Farm is absolutely broken, this is the fastest way to get Enchantment Books, Saddles & Name Tags and those are very precious items in Minecraft, to say the least. Once you have these items you have probably beaten the game and broken Minecraft. So watch this AFK Fish Farm tutorial and figure out how to do it yourself in your own Minecraft survival world.
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  1. T_rimoR says

    Thanks that was exactly what I wanted in my world

  2. RedhawkJimmy says

    Do you still get xp?

  3. Efe Arda ER says

    Hi mate. As everyone said this kind of fish farm has patched in version 1.16 How you get special items like that? I made the same farm but i only get fish and some leather boots etc. Not "enchantment book" specially.

  4. Anthony Cardenas says

    Not workin for me😢 on PS4 might be patched????

  5. Nyem ABC says

    Dude i just say thanks 😀

  6. Pulse 64 says

    He lied it does not werk

  7. Patatas SLD says

    Does it still works?

  8. Venom gaming says

    Thanks this was useful

  9. Aplrel 55 says

    Does it still work

  10. Mardin Hamlan says

    I did what you told me but I'm on PS4 and I don't know how to hold down the button while I'm AFK

  11. Kaito says

    I have this but I have no enchanter anything

  12. darqai says

    Why can’t get a single enchanted book on my afk fishing farm? My fishing rod has Unbreaking III, Lure II, Mending, and Luck of the Sea III.

  13. Fang6_ Fatal says

    Will this work on the new update?

  14. Yousif Waseem says

    Sir, you just earned your self a Subscriber and good luck man in the future

  15. Yousif Waseem says

    Excuse me does this work on bedrock

  16. Fejo- Fans Association says

    I don't know why, I just saw the video and subscribed..
    Your presentation is very nice and, and, I don't know. Your so cool! 😍

  17. Gent limani says

    Dosent work

  18. Tyler Paik says

    does it work with java

  19. VTX Atxmic says

    Yo, I just got back into Minecraft and I don't know how AFK fish farms work exactly. Do you have to be near the thing you are playing on or can you just go on a walk or something and your fishing rod will automatically fish again?

  20. Orb_ Aurora says

    my bobber goes into the hopper and gets stuck when a fish pulls it down

  21. I53 says

    The iron trapdoor closes automatically

  22. RoseXGamingYT says

    Does this work on PE

  23. Myzt says

    Does it work on bedrock??

  24. OJT 082 says

    Does it work on xbox

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