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San Francisco, everyone’s favorite city, is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast. A compact city of steep rolling hills surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco is renowned for its summer fogs, Victorian architecture, cable cars and beautiful vistas. Just remember: Don’t call it Frisco and do bring warm clothing. The famous quote “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” isn’t from Mark Twain but it is a pretty accurate statement of San Francisco’s weather. An overview of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco.

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  1. San Francisco is a shithole city anymore. It's full of homeless and has unaffordable housing, taxes are sky high, the traffic is horrible, and the weather is windy and cold most of the time. I'm not Nostradamus or anything but I'd say that in 2026 or 2027 another massive earthquake is going to bring it to its knees again.

  2. Its a beutiful city. You can shit right in the street. If you need a rig there are syringes plentiful just laying around. And for you history buffs, disease that were a thing of the past are back in SF. Tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera to name a few. San Fran has something for everybody…….to step in

  3. TBH places like the Victorian houses and Lombard street are kind of a rip-off. I'd suggest the Deyoung museum, Golden gate park, the tea gardens, the academy of sciences, the botanical gardens, north beach (they got some amazing cannoli), the mission district (for awesome street art and good food), Ashbury/Haight for some cool hippy and punk culture, pier 39/fishermans warf, china town, japan town, and just walking around. The cliff house has some awesome history, but awful food so I guess I recommend it, but don't get lunch there.
    There's a lot of fun things to try when just walking around so just go for a walk and you're bound to find some wild stuff.

  4. So my dad’s company might be sold and if it is we might be chosen to live in San Francisco!!! This video really helped a lot and it got me even more excited! I hope I can go!! Thanks for reading and wish me luck 😀

  5. You can take public transportation (Muni line #28) to get from the city to the the entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge. Walk across the bridge, enjoy the amazing view, walk back to take the #28 again, and go back to the city.

  6. This is not a city for a person who is always counting the pennies (stingy), because San Francisco is very expensive.🤑

  7. Enjoy it while it lasts folks! San Francisco is on it's way to becoming the next Baltimore or Detroit. A once great city destroyed by Democrats and their asinine policies. Democrats ruin everything.

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  9. I visited San Francisco recently and captured some of the shots if your are interested to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEqbxdmaYmA

  10. San Francisco. The absolute epitome of a mixed bag city.

    While absolutely gorgeous with a boat load and a half of things to do at any time with some freakin amazing food to go along with it, it's also way too crowded, expensive, with a fair bit of a homeless issue.

    Still, I really enjoy visiting this place whenever I can.

  11. I have lived in San Francisco for over thirty years and have never once stepped in human waste or on a needle. Yes… there are a couple of areas of the city like the Tenderloin where I would never purposely take a stroll in. Yes… we have a serious homeless problem but that comes with a liberal city that does not believe in making homelessness a crime. The city spends hundreds of millions each year on homeless services and housing but it is never enough. The streets are mostly lined with small independant shops and cafes where except for the cold, rainy winter months you can sit and sip coffee and people watch including drag queens and businessmen in suit and ties with neither giving the other any attitude. San Francisco is a beautiful and soulful city.

  12. Places that I would recommend (as a local) that are NOT included in this video. These are additional places that we take guests when they visit:

    1.) Twin Peaks: Located just south of the easternmost end of Golden Gate Park, Twin Peaks offers some fantastic vistas of the city. From the two peaks, you can see the entire city, ocean, bay and surrounding area. It's also free (although you might have to wait for an open parking space). Due to the winding roads and city backdrop, there are quite a few car commercials filmed here.

    2.) Muir Woods National Monument: Although this is located just a short distance north of the Golden Gate Bridge (and not in the city itself), it is a must-see for anyone who visits the city or area for the first time. Muir Woods is home to hundreds of acres of "old growth" giant coastal redwood trees. These trees were here when Sir Francis Drake explored this part of the California coast in the 16th Century. It is relatively inexpensive to visit ($10 for adults) and parking now requires reservations or the use of shuttles. However, it is worth the visit. I'm a card-carrying yearly pass member — and I've been at least 30 times. There are plenty of hiking trails. I would recommend the 1.5 flat main lower trail (which is a flat surface) for children or adults with some walking difficulties (or those who don't want to risk getting their shoes dirty). If you're interested in a bit more challenge (but still limited on time), I'd do the Hillside Trail. The Hillside Trail still goes through the paved trail; however, instead of going back the same way, you can return to the park entrance through an adjacent hill trail. Either way, make sure to stop in CATHEDRAL GROVE, the bridges and look for wildlife (e.g., fish, birds, wildcats and the elusive "banana slug").

    3.) Sausalito: Located near the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, this offers some fantastic dining and shopping with great views of the city.

    4.) Point Bonita Lighthouse and old military batteries: Located along the Marin Headlands near the mouth of the Golden Gate (where the bay meets the Pacific Ocean), the light is amazing! It offers some fantastic views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge. Add the various military batteries, and you'll find some great history set on the backdrop of sweeping ocean/cliffside vistas! If you want to go inside the lighthouse, make sure to check the times and calendar. You have to go through a bridge and cave to get there — and the entrance is locked if the lighthouse keepers aren't present.

    5.) Marine Mammal Center: Just off of Rodeo Beach, you'll find a center that rehabilitates various marine mammals. There is a tour offered that is donation-only.

    6.) Pacifica, California (including Devil's Slide): Located adjacent to the city on historic Highway 1, you'll find some fantastic beaches, nice eating places and some hiking areas. There is the coolest Taco Bell in America on one beach (complete with beach-side seating windows to watch the surfers and a special outdoor window to order food from the deck). I'd recommend picking up some BBQ at Gorilla BBQ and having a picnic at Devil's Slide or Rockaway Beach. Devil's Slide has some of the best views along the Pacific coast! There are two places to park (on the north and south sides of the area). The north side is less crowded. The south side offers the best views (especially if you're not going to walk or bicycle the entire road).

    7.) Land's End: This remarkable trail is one of San Francisco's best-kept secrets! From the parking lots near the ruins of the old Pacific bath houses (complete with ocean-side caves) to the where-ocean-meets-bay trails, you'll find lots to admire from this location! There are some different memorials very near the trails too. You'll love the magnificent views — and the fact that you won't find many tourists here.

    8.) Boudin Bakery: This is at Fisherman's Wharf. It is where sour dough was invented. So, yeah.

    9.) Musée Mécanique: Also located at Fisherman's Wharf, you'll discover a FREE museum filled with arcade games — most going back to the 19th Century! Bring some quarters though!

    10.) Presidio: Located at an old former military base at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, this is where Star Trek's "Starfleet Academy" was supposed to be based. It is, ironically, the home to offices of Lucasfilm LTD, Skywalker Sound, THX, Industrial Light & Magic, etc. You can take a nice photo of the Yoda fountain. On many days, you can enter the Lucasfilm offices and check out some props from the movies. It is surrounded by beautiful parks and trees — and within walking distance of the Palace of Fine Arts. You can also visit the Walt Disney Family Museum too.

  13. San Francisco is beautiful and there is a lot to do in the city and nearby, but there is so much more than these 10 attractions. I wouldn't have even chosen some of these. But it's just an opinion.

  14. There was a time when my travel group were looking at San Francisco. Unfortunately now it is no longer the jewel of the west coast. The cost and crime are so high that other locations are more appealing. Seeing the attractions are just not worth the frustration. Maybe the group sponsoring this cite can look at these issues. If not, at the rate people are moving, the drop in income from tourism, a community and taxes may be the wake up call.

  15. Dirty city full of holes in the road. van ness st has 3 years in the works. Lombard horrible road. and 19 st horrible too. Jones in the end turned funnel. 3 st will paint the 4 lane, one to the left and the other to the right is one for the bus. San Francisco asks for help.

  16. And make sure to NOT lock your car there in Frisco and be sure to visit all the tents blocking all the sidewalks and be careful where you step…the sidewalks are covered in crap!

  17. Avoid the tenderloin district at night time because of the illegal immigrants who are selling narcotics in every street corner … and watch where you walk too dont want to get stains on your shoes


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