100% Disk Usage Windows 10 FIXED – 5 Super Advanced Settings


100% Disk Usage Windows 10 – How to Fix 100% Disk or CPU Usage on your Windows 10.
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Have you encountered this situation: “Your RAN PC into a problem that can not handle, and disk usage is almost 100 percent.” As the pictures show, the window 10 is the use of 100%. To solve the problem 100% disk usage, you must follow the procedure below.

Check Task Manager to find the cause

First, we will open the task manager and see our disk usage. So you can see if it is now 100% and slowing down our computers.

Type the task manager in the Windows search bar and select Task Manager:
In the Processes tab, see the “disk” to see what is at the root of your hard disk usage 100%.

10 100% Windows Fix Disk Usage problems
Some repair methods that have helped other 10 Windows users solve 100% of their disk usage problems. Simply follow the procedure to complete the operation windows 10 100% disk usage problems.

A method. Check anti-virus software
Typically, the virus can be a main cause of the situation and use 100% of the disk is no exception. Your security software should be able to manage, whether free or paid suites.

At least, tools like BitDefender, Avast and AVG anti-virus must be able to scan your system drive and detect problems, despite the heavy load on the drive you it may take some time.

Method of both. Disable Windows Search
There are two ways to disable the Windows Search: Temporarily disable Windows Search and permanently disable Windows Search.

Temporarily disable Windows Search:
Right-click the Start button
Invites control Select (Admin)
Enter the following: stop net.exe “Windows Search”
permanently disable the Windows Search:
Step 1. Press the Windows key + R at the same time, and the type services.msc.

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    100% Disk Usage Windows 10 FIXED – 5 Super Advanced Settings


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