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100 disk usage windows 10 – How to fix 100% High CPU Usage in Windows 10 with simple steps.
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If your Windows 10 Task Manager shows 100% disk usage, something causes your hard drive to overwork. Your computer is now so slow that it’s almost impossible to use, and you might be wondering what you did wrong. The answer is, no! This problem can occur by itself. But the good news is, it is usually not a problem that is difficult to repair.

8 fixes for 100% disk usage on Windows 10
Following are some improvements that have helped other users resolve their 100% Windows 10 disk usage problems. You might not need to try everything; just go down the list until you find the right one for you.

Disable Windows Search
Update your device driver
Disable the SuperFetch service
Perform a disk check
Reset Virtual Memory
Temporarily disable Antivirus Software
Change your Google Chrome & Skype settings
Fix your StorAHCI.sys driver
Fix 1: Disable Windows Search
To determine whether Windows Search causes your disk usage problems to be 100%, the first thing you have to do is temporarily disable Windows Search, and see if your computer is speeding up. If so, you can permanently disable Windows Search.

Disable Windows Search temporarily
Windows search is what makes finding files on your PC faster. If you don’t use it at all, or you have another search application, you can turn it off completely. Disabling this service will stop indexing all files. But you still have access to search, which will take longer.

Here’s how to temporarily disable Windows Search and find out if it’s the cause of your 100% disk usage problem. (Note that Windows Search will start again when you restart your computer.)

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo and X key simultaneously, then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2) Click Yes in the User Account Control window.

3) A window that is mostly black will then be displayed. This is the command prompt window. In this window, type the following command:

net.exe stops “Windows search”
4) Press Enter on your keyboard.

100% Disk Usage Windows 10
Check to see if your disk usage and computer performance are improving. If so, you must permanently deactivate Windows Search as described below. If not, continue to Method 2.

Disable Windows Search permanently
If you find that Windows Search causes 100% of your disk usage errors on Windows 10, you can permanently disable Windows Search:

1) Press the Windows + R logo button simultaneously, and type services.msc.

2) Find the Windows Search option, double-click to enter the Properties window.

3) Change the Startup type to Disabled. Then click Apply and OK to save your changes.

4) Check your computer’s disk usage: Type “task manager” in the Windows search bar and select Task Manager, then on the Processes tab, see% at the top of the Disk column. If it’s no longer 100%, you’ve fixed the problem!

100% disk usage is solved
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