200IQ Lucian Pentakill Montage #3 – League of Legends


200IQ Lucian Pentakill Montage #3 – League of Legends
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Ephixa & Jim Yosef – Everlasting [NCS Release]
Fareoh – Cloud Ten [NCS Release]
Futuristik – Little Bit (feat. Sethh) [NCS Release]
HOVERBOOTS – One [NCS Release]

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  1. Jonathan Zanders says

    Best champ in the game!!!!!

  2. Keonny † Killuminati says

    urf plays..

  3. mehmet yıldım says

    bu ne la pentamı olum bunlar 😀

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzNStNQ8nOU izleyin abone olun mk 😀

  4. Diego Antonio Castro Machaca says

    Es urf parce

  5. samuel shimit says

    80% cdr wtf?

  6. The Nigga says

    is URF?

  7. ichigokurosaki2416 says

    Does cancer has iq?

  8. Lima says

    Intro music plss

  9. Du Ha Tan says


  10. Du Ha Tan says

    very good

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