2017 Camaro 1SS vs 2SS vs 1LE


Comparing the 2017 Camaro 1SS, 2SS, and 1LE.

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  1. Sam S says

    I was wondering the difference between $39,590, $44,590, and $43,475. I knew the track car is the 1LE package, but this goes into all the details. Thanks. That ending is funny… with the Ford Mustang shoved in there.

  2. Oscar Hrndz says

    My 18 gt says hi 👋

  3. Jonathan Requena says

    One day I want to get a 2ss it will happen I drive a mustang right now ( it was ant my first choice but it’s not horrible) I’m getting a GT soon selling it and moving up to a canary soon hopefully great cars

  4. Laeadern says

    It's easy enough to get MRC in the 2SS package….just sayin.

  5. fayiz pk says

    Price off all models?

  6. Jozua Tavarez says

    Me fascina eso auto los tres están bello bello con dios muy pronto tendré una belleza de eso gracias chebrole por semejante belleza

  7. Tommy Oliver says

    idk my op. but the 1ss sounded real good

  8. Joe Maddox says


  9. The Lone Wolf Hunter says

    Imma go with the 2ss because I like using automatic

  10. Massimo Rabi3 says

    Camaro 1 king coche mi encanta

  11. dutch971 says

    I thought you were going to talk about the differences. Heated cooled seats. Memory seats. Tire size. Competitive driving mode. Etc. And who says you can’t daily drive a 1LE.

  12. The2000redss says

    I just bought a 2018 2ss 1LE Garner Red. Has all of the above! Should of mentioned it.

  13. QBCoach12 says

    I considered one of these… until I sat in one and had no visibility. I wish there was some badging to tell the difference between them like Dodge does with the Challenger and Charger, or Ford with the GT, 5.0, and the Shelby. The 19 and 20 Camaros, I believe both come with the rear view mirror as a camera. But sadly it wasn’t enough to sell me on getting one. Great video though!

  14. Jack Carlin says

    Mustang at the end, lol.

  15. Ty Wild327 says

    That guy can’t afford a 2SS but he can afford a 200,000$ mustang… ok then

  16. steven rex says

    So they are all the same, only major difference is the 1le has nicer seats… that’s barely enough reason to make that a different model. Chevy has obviously taken notes from Holden with the minimal differences across the models

  17. Famous Jay says

    You said all of them are 455 hp??🤔

  18. Trash Can says

    Trunk big enough for a couple of golf bags?

  19. bobjeans says

    I’m going for the zl1 1le

  20. Toon™ says

    Wow. Good and brief information. You did comparisons, cold starts and flybys. Then let owners give feedback and preference all under the 10min marker. Is there a button to sub 100x? because this vid deserves it.

  21. Mike Savone says

    Unless you're highly skilled, you wont be any faster in a 1le than an ss

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