2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Review and Road Test


Now that Mercedes-Benz’s CLA handles entry-level duties for the tri-pointed star, the newest C-Class grows closer to its upscale stablemates and more competitive against the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3-series, and Lexus IS. Has the C-Class become a wholly upmarket offering? KBB’s Micah Muzio finds out in this video.

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  1. I own a 2013 C250 and water leaks into the car due to a flaw design.
    Do your homework and you will see it’s a costly problem.

  2. This is a 2014/2015 C Class, the 2017 C Class has a different bumper first of all.
    Disliked for missleading title for just views

  3. Germans, smart enough to create two redundant controllers (touch mouse and wheel), yet dumb enough not to be able to skip audio tracks and radio stations conveniently

  4. Love this car Im buying one with a month or so before my birthday I love this car I had a loaner 2019 C250 beautiful car bottom line dont like it dont buy it I love Mercedes they are very gorgeous cars I have a 09 C300 and I love her but I want something bigger

  5. Purchased one today. Had a look at 3 series, a4/a5 and c class. I just loved being inside the c class. It just felt so much more premium than the bmw and audi. Merc are light years ahead in terms of design and internal quality.

  6. I know Toyota is not a Mercedes Benz but I love my Toyota Avalon I will buy a Toyota I'm a Toyota man I have a Toyota Avalon a 03 and love driving it

  7. We have this product back here in India. Allow me to describe its quality. It has shoddy equipments that break down apace it still has that extortionate pricing. (Blame it on GST). I'll quicky elucidate GST. It is our taxation system. Right from its inception it has deterred buyer and potential buyers alike. Our govt believes that we undeserving of anything they offer. Maybe I am digressing from the topic at hand. It exasperates me. I can't find any plausible explanation as to why the govt has to extortionately tax a commodity that is quite common in other parts of the world.

  8. Really dude, you should do the homework before the review, guessing and discovering on the fly? Not truly inspiring nor showing your knowledge.

  9. Amazed at how much depreciation there is with the C-class Mercedes vehicles….I've been looking at 2016 and 2017 models with low miles – $25-28K. Question – having never owned a "luxury" car before, are maintenance costs higher? For example, what could I expect to pay for an oil change on a C-series? Or to have the A/C recharged? Same as a normal car or should I expect to get ripped off because the shop thinks I have money since I'm driving a Mercedes?

  10. When I’m 50 years old, I’ll consider a Mercedes Benz. Seems like their designs are for the older generation. Even Lexus is starting to make their cars a little more youthful.

  11. They Hyundai Elantra has a bigger trunk, gets better gas mileage, and has about the same interior space. The radio is also easier to use.


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