2017 Mercedes-Benz SL Review


For 60-years the Mercedes-Benz SL has set the benchmark for what we expect a sports tourer to be. Now in 2016, with a host of new technology, has Mercedes-Benz raised that benchmark even higher for their most iconic sports car.

With a new look, improved power in the SL400 and SL500, and the inclusion of some new gadgets and refinements, the updated R231 SL has plenty more value for the 2017 model year.

The CURVE suspension program is now available in non-AMG models to help improve passenger comfort.

James heads to California to test drive the SL500 and SL63 AMG.

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  1. Freddd Greggg says

    Excellent roadsters

  2. Island Knight says

    Watch out for rock slides in that convertible ! 🙄🙄

  3. justinjoyit13 says

    ''particularly for weeks ends away…''?? lol An easy thing to reshoot if you fluff it mate.

  4. De Ce says

    Nothing else like it at any price…

  5. S Hwang says

    what?? an SL class for how much now? last time I checked the starting msrp was around 88,000

  6. Malcolm Gay says

    Great review and what a car to have in the garage. Reckon if you could have it as a second car you would never want to be without one.

  7. Tax2Me says

    A very Expensive Golf Car. And ooops! They don't allow you to drive it in the fairways. What a waste of a commodity. I can put the roof up and down on my 2007 Sebring convertible too. Lot more fun to drive and lot less expensive. And yes! The sebring can actually seat 4 and has a useful luggage. Of course I don't play golf so why would I be looking for this? Quite simple. If you look close enough, it quite resenbles the lines of the sebring at a time when Mercedes and Chrysler were partners in Europe.

  8. Liam Green says

    Enthusiasm carefully row name asset edge motivate cloth pay.

  9. Warren Lamothe says


  10. Benzinio says

    SL R-129 made me Mercedes fan and I still think this is the best SL to buy!
    This one though even with the facelift is ugly proportioned the R230 face lift was far better in and out!!!

  11. SaltyAntelope63 says

    Damn Australia, an SL500 goes for half that much in US.

  12. 666demonknight666 says

    This new SL has 97 computers onboard? Just imagine having to fix them…$$$ Also, with this SL500 already has a 4.7L V8, how does it stuck up with its bigger brother the SL63?

  13. 666demonknight666 says

    Don't like the all red tail lights, and the upside down grill…

  14. siddi853 says

    That cat in the arm rest cubby though <3

  15. jh5kl says

    finally its beautiful again!!

  16. sunsetlights100 says

    You wouldn't want to put too much luggage in the boot & put the top down! stuff would get crushed!!

  17. fluttershy says

    Fake air vents on the fenders?

  18. Kristoffer P says

    Wait, I thought the sl65 with the 6.0 was the top of the range car.

  19. Avhinab Bhatta says

    Love this car

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