2018 BMW 5 Series 530i Full Review – Exterior, interior, test drive


Welcome to the all new 2018 BMW 5 Series.

In this video, you will experience the car just as I experienced it in this video. I will go over the exterior and interior, information about the car, and some features that this specific car has.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did creating it. If you have any questions about the 2018 530i, please let me know down below!

Special thanks to BMW Kalfsbeek in Schiedam, The Netherlands for giving me the opportunity to drive and record this car.

Video by Flaxhax

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  1. SimonJPA Baillargeon says

    I work in a Hotel and I did drive it this morning. Well getting it out of the parking lot. Man it was so boring! All the sensors did go bananas! But it is a nice car. Maybe someday I will change my Volvo XC 70 2008 for this. I don't think it could compete with my 135i 2008. It's more for comfort and going on a trip. The model was the BMW 530i Sport Line.

  2. Aiham Al-Slahi says

    Poor language and thick accent aside, I have never seen such a poor review on a car before, I rarely comment on a video on youtube or like/dislike it, but I really got annoyed with it, there is no review for the interior / exterior, I hope you learn from some professional YouTube channels before you invest in camera gears and such, hope to see better content from you in the future

  3. HW2800 says

    This guy must get a lot from BMW PR! It only a 4 banger!

  4. Nack Norson says


  5. Floop says

    If that camera on the windshield had feelings : DIS WIND IS CRAZY , TAKE ME OFF

  6. BF31 says

    I like the luxury line better, personally. I love the beige leather and wood, and the more conservative front end.

    Full confession: I'm a Mercedes fanboy … who also loves the 5 Series. The first 5 Series that I actually liked was the E39. Hated the E60, but then the F10 and now G30 are such great looking cars. If I were buying in this segment, I'm seriously torn between this and the E-class.

  7. Kid Bando says

    i need that

  8. Bobby Kuntz says

    It looks the same as the last year model I see no difference

  9. Got Game says

    Is this car better than the 2013 f10?

  10. White Jaeger says

    I saw your face more than I saw the car ffs

  11. Alesanco Eduard says

    the version from 2015 look much better….

  12. Keisha Nicole says


  13. Geert Delmulle says

    Use a lavalier mic, please. You would sound much better that way.

  14. Lil Riggs says

    Title says "2018 BMW 5" but, host says, "Welcome…to the 2017 BMW 5 series" Which one is it?

  15. bluwng says

    I love my new BMWs, one is mine other my wife's . We decided to stop buying them. When you use the air conditioner the water from condensation pools inside with no escape, leaving a foul odor and may build mold. As nice as they are they never fix this, ever.

  16. whiteliketar says

    I love my 3 f30 and looking to upgrade. The 5 series does look almost perfect however the new 3 is a year away and that is supposed to be a smaller version of this beautiful 5. I moved away from Lexus because they started to look and feel too much like the old BMW and I embraced BMW because they started to move towards that balance of luxury and sport . The 5 series – at least from the look seems like the Goldilocks choice.

  17. Lai Sam says

    Great i love this car

  18. carmad51 says

    Disagree on the looks, rear end looks to small and not in balance with the front half. I have the F10 and I would say that it's a more balanced look and beefier looking.

  19. Joel Miller says

    Kia Sportage GT and Kia Optima GT review please?

  20. ManuelCedeira says

    Could you tell me what colour code is this car? Thank you.

  21. MBSonderKlasse says

    I really like all of the emotion you put into every video, specially this one since you like the 5 series so much xD. I came across your channel because I'm doing a 5 Series video as well and I like to hear opinions, I have another channel where I post car videos as well but it's in Spanish so yeah, kinda different but hey! Keep up with the good work! Congrats from Mexico
    Definitely subscribed 😀

  22. thisnamealsotaken says

    Petrol engines are supposed to make a lot of noise? I always thought that was a Diesel characteristic?

  23. Donna Peroche says

    whats with all the stupid overwhelming music ? what is the point?

  24. Leonardo Milan says

    stunning interior leather color – beige , love it fits very well.

  25. Quavo Huncho says

    Hi stupid question but do you feel getting pushed back in the seat while accelerating or slow?

  26. Chi Hsia says

    Strong Dutch accent you got there 🙂


    nice car….and you handsome..^_^

  28. Jasmin Montambault says

    This car is just so beautiful! Contine your great video!

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