2018 BMW 5 Series – Review and Road Test


Now in its 7th generation the 2018 BMW 5 Series remains a stately, luxurious, feature-rich, and dynamically thrilling midsize sedan. With powertrains that range from a frugal 4-cylinder to a raucous all-wheel drive turbocharged V8 there is a 5 Series to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.

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  1. lance porter says

    The 5 is the perfect mix of sport and luxe.

  2. Rohit Kumar says

    In bmw 5 series 4 wheel drive available or not

  3. Maney3316 says

    I only subscribed because of this guy!

  4. Lawrence Bogar says

    I am on my 3rd 5 series and I have no plans to change.

  5. Lordmazi official says

    248 hp 😆 weak as Fuck my g35 Will rip these doors off 😂😂

  6. Jay Patel says

    He said it doesn’t drive like a LARGER 3 series and more like a SMALLER 7 series????

  7. IwinULoseBigly! says

    This car is nice, had one last week…And very fast, a mans car if you will

  8. Timothy Lynch Jr. says

    Play Metallica lol that is awesome!

  9. KryogenicMX says

    2:08 18 feet of cargo space for a supremely good trunk

    throws in backpack

  10. 林小 says

    Super good car,i choose Mercedes-Benz

  11. Bora Balcı says

    Very very very nice car. . . Excellent. !

  12. coleman72 says

    don they not do diesels in america, like leave some of the fukn ozone for the rest of us…

  13. Big Boss says

    These cars are getting a huge depreciation hit. Great car tho

  14. johannsebastienbach says

    Oil leaks

  15. M V says

    is it electric steering power

  16. TomCook1993 says

    Looks like you guys made your way to San Clemente ❤️

  17. listerone says

    Hey,KBB…you forgot to mention an inline 6 cylinder diesel…which features 457 ft lbs of torque.I have one…and to call it amazing would be an understatement.

  18. Hezekiah Hairs says

    How much is that going for?

  19. Rafal Matysiak says

    My next bmw!❤❤❤

  20. Bob Cutty says

    740e gets better fuel economy in charge by 2 miles per charge

  21. Patriot says

    My neighbor bought one and it has to much plastic for my liking . to each as own.

  22. CarsAreAwesome says

    well the car says june 5th at 5:11

  23. CarsAreAwesome says

    This was filmed on my birthday june 5tj

  24. Stan S says

    $52k and I have to pay for a backup camera? A 2013 Ford Focus even have a basic backup camera and I wouldn’t have to pay extra for one. That’s just a big turn off for me. There are some great features but even with a $52-65k price tag, some of the features look cheap. Good luck to whom ever pays for this overpriced junk.smh

  25. Uzumaki Naruto says

    BMW= boring motor waste money

  26. mi24sturm says


  27. Joy says

    Picking up my new 530 this week !! Great cars !!!

  28. K R says

    but does it have business cd

  29. bluwng says

    What color is this car?

  30. Zakariah Lafreniere says

    That steering wheel is faaaaaaaat!!

  31. Mat Youzbachi says

    M550 always all weel drive

  32. Dra O says

    Overpriced – nothing fancy – same old thing. Buy a Honda, get good gas mileage, ha e few repairs,oil changes are cheap, resell at above market price. No brainer.

  33. Kunman King says

    Same boring design

  34. G Mm says

    I like reviews with humor. Great videos!!

  35. Ian Alexander says

    Looks good

  36. kiff AA says

    You Sir, just earned a subscriber. fun review!

  37. Benjamin Leeret says

    Which is better 5 Series or 7 Series

  38. Nick Stalburg says

    The steering wheel is Thicc

  39. royalmontpark says

    no thanks.

  40. John Grabowski says

    I see two different types of steering wheels on the 2018 5-series, the one in the video above and a round(er) one. What's up with that? I thought this one was 2017 and the rounder one was 2018 but I see both wheels on both vehicles.

  41. Abdulmohsen Almuhanna says

    Not too bad for 180,000 SAR

  42. Mxney Pistols says

    Wow really nice video man.
    Enjoying all of your amazing vids.
    i love all of your videos
    on youtube. thank u so much.


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