2018 BMW 530i M Performance Full In Depth Review | Evomalaysia com


Update: Miscommunication on the bodykits, it’s not RM10k extra. it’s way more.

Read the review here where i talk about things video couldn’t show:

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  1. Wayne Scott says

    My dad 5 series can open the armrest compartment but why this 5 series can't do that?

  2. Vinod Vijayan says

    I have been watching bobby ang reviews for quite some time now.

    Honestly speaking its awesome how as a common man i get all the questions that I have ever wanted in a car reweiw.

    The questions regarding quality of materials, the fit and finish, the comfort levels, the power and driving feel. How it compares to the other segments. Etc etc.

    Who else in the world would compare the comfort levels of a BMW 5 series to a camry. Its nuts when u actually think about it. But it's what we want as a common man. Does it feel as comfortable as a camry??? Butter smooth… I mean cut the shit… every one wants a comfortable ride…

    I have a jaguar xe and when I saw the review of bobby ang about how bad the quality of interiors of an xe is… and how he and his generation expects a jaguar should be I really felt I have found a car reviewer who is honest with his business.

    For the record I bought the xe at a very discounted price from the showroom although I felt the same disappointment when I saw it first. But hey its a jaguar and who dosent want it when they offer a
    30 percent discount??? Should I be hanged for being tempted????

    Keep up the good work. Bobby. Hope to meet u when I go to malaysia

  3. T Z says

    Should I get the 5 series or C class coupe?

  4. Geta Chada says

    Thanks for this!

  5. koh bh says

    Hi bobby. In terms of acceleration isit fast?

  6. Jackal Shine says

    I realised there is no sport plus mode.

  7. UNCLE SAM says

    Bobby love that you trashed the Megane !!! 😂

  8. Dib Saikia says

    The lag is quite apparent in petrol models, but the diesel counterpart 530d has near no lag in my personal experience. Maybe the huge torque boost in the diesel models take care of it.

  9. omfgimgettingpissed says

    Fuck those speed bumps!

  10. I am TC says

    Hey Bobby, love the review! the lag is because you didn't change gearbox to sport mode! simply move shift stick toward opposite side

  11. khuzairi Husain says

    how much g30 2018 now bobby

  12. Qomar Qomarudin says

    great job tuan Bobby ..

  13. okaisu says

    If would u choose 530i m sport or S4 avant 2018

  14. Joshua D'Oliveiro says

    Bobby would make an excellent BMW Product Genius…

  15. joey says

    G20 looks more modern inside. Interior of this car and the X3 looks like an old generation compare to the G20 and the new X5.

  16. Luqman Khan says

    Bro would you recommend, to buy used BMW 740LI ? Is it a good series

  17. tgmuneer says

    Thanks for the review. Got me a G30 530i because of you! 😁

  18. Jack Sparrow says

    @Bobby Ang no need to press brake to start?

  19. Hailmi Johar says

    horse power? gforce?

  20. Arif Ezani says

    Hahaha, the feeling when you step in bmw. 😂

  21. Jonizam Jaafar says

    Cantik model ni. Price RM? nk beli satu lah!

  22. Indra Samudera says

    I have to agree on the throttle response. Just test drove a 530i recently and I felt the half/one second lag to kickdown. I also felt the same response on the new G20 330i, lagging on the kickdown. Especially when compared to an entry level F32 420d.

  23. ALEXANDER LEE says

    Hi Bobby, can you do a review on how is it like to own old BMWs? I notice quite a few ppl buy old BMWs over 7 or 10 yrs old and drive them

  24. Michael Ma says

    Still prefer the N55's inline 6.

  25. Nicholas Lee says

    The new A8 steering wheel is nice as well.

  26. Bong Wei Chang says

    Hi bobby, nice review. If you don’t mind, maybe go through the safety features a bit. I’m always disappointed with malaysia spec always take away the nice features, I saw some button like lane keep or adaptive cruise control on it. Nice add on for Bmw cars 🤗, keep up the good work.

  27. Bong Wei Chang says

    Hi bobby, nice review. If you don’t mind, maybe go through the safety features a bit. I’m always disappointed with malaysia spec always take away the nice features, I saw some button like lane keep or adaptive cruise control on it. Nice add on for Bmw cars 🤗, keep up the good work.

  28. Allanwong Keekeong says

    Yes you got balls to tell!!! This is then best car In the class . But not the Best Buy.

  29. Gabriel Rots says

    Bobby I went to BMW to ask about this M Performance kit add on for 10k, they said they have it but not 10k wor, they gave me the price list that adds on to 60-100k. Why ah?

  30. Lazy Mind says

    Sexiest looking car in the segment.I love how BMW combined comfort,dymamics and sexiness in a single car!Brilliant job BMW!

  31. Andrew Chan says

    I have an F10 and I don't like the throttle lag at all. Even in sport mode the lag is there. The S90 on the other hand, has lag only in normal mode, but in sport mode the throttle response is instantaneous. BWM uses twin scroll turbo so the lag should be be less, which leads me to think that they deliberately program this lag into the ECU…

  32. diva karan says

    what is the price for this car?

  33. Abhishek Arora says

    My fav car👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  34. Gabriel Rots says

    Is the sporty bodykit provided by BMW or the owner added himself?

  35. FlyingLunatic says

    F10 looks really old compared to the newer G30. Finally the 5-series look sporty.

  36. Sel Nal says

    Good review Bobby. How would you rate the car with 19" and 20"" rims? I feel the 19" should be less noisy and soft.

  37. Paul Zhuang says

    Ur reviews are generally good and engaging…and candid as well

  38. Azfar Azman says

    New brand is expensive and l hope will buy this car for used or car..

  39. Nevin Nach says


  40. Goku supersaiya says

    Pff, only 8 speed gearbox. My moutainbike has got 21 😀

  41. TWH Advisory says

    Hi Bobby, u mentioned that the m performance body kit cost Rm10,000
    Where can I get them from?

  42. fkwcfkwc says

    If you put an m5 badge at the back, only those peoples who doesn’t know anything about bmw couldn’t tells, they couldn’t even tells if it’s 3,4,5,6…even 7 series. Not so sure about the side body stickers too, the best looking things for this car is the black grille and the carbon side mirror covered. And Volvo…hahaha. Is a joke. And the previous F10 rear windows screen doesn’t have automatic, it’s manual. And btw, the wireless charging is the tray right in front of the gear knob, just right in front of where the USB are. Head up display are only for higher level model.

  43. Danial skizo says

    I love all your video very clear and very smooth…nice camera angle

  44. Khor Zhi Khuan says

    nice review bobby, I got a question tho. Can malaysian order a 540i xdrive? Even tho i know that BMW did not officially bring it in. Thx in advance.

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