3 Levels of ASMR: Can They Spot the Fraud?


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  1. Martina Salas Aguirre says

    Why they laughed? If don't like just say, don't laugh cuz you're an adult it isn't funny :v

  2. Xoxo Lover says

    The fraud should be the expert

  3. Yara Garcia says

    I love the 2

  4. biiing x says

    that female judge is overreacting djshshfhe

  5. Goat Girl says

    The fraud was pretty good 👌

  6. Goat Girl says

    I don't like the judges next time get more mature ones 😡

  7. Jess11591 says

    Even though this is just a sample of some of their ASMR from their own channels, I still turn to this video for relaxation because I like the methods/triggers they used.

    Also, I don’t think the “reactors” were being rude or excessive with their commentary or facial expressions. That’s honestly the reaction of most people who don’t know much about ASMR. I was cringe about it too at first but now I know that there are certain triggers that I’m comfortable with.

    It’s cool that they stepped out of their comfort zone to sit through it all. Most people I know just take off their headphones after a few seconds and just say “nope it’s too weird”. So, kudos to them for expressing what specific things they disliked/liked after actually listening to the whole set.

  8. Phakhawa Sae-Kow says

    These judges completely ruined the video.

  9. Alexis wilson says

    The only thing annoying are you all in the comment section. Obviously they are gunna react this way, you can clearly see that they have no experience with asmr. This is weird and awkward for them 😂

  10. wtf rubi says

    all i have to say is, get some better judges.

  11. Sugar The bird says

    They didn’t even link the ones in the Intro

  12. fluffybandit says

    They are so loud, and annoying,I wouldn't be surprised if they had to cut out 50 minutes of laughing

  13. Ciara Reilly says

    I’m literally the only one who thinks the judges acted fine. 😂😂

  14. Adisyn Powers says

    Does the expert have a Chanel

  15. Tatahyung Trash bag says

    I didn't like the judges

  16. Maryán D. says

    las expresiones de la chica como jurado son horribles.

  17. sofia moura says

    the only reason they were laughing, was bc she said an asmr trigger word is milk. they weren’t being “disrespectful” AT ALL .

  18. Jamilah Serrano says

    I feel bad for them please you should’ve had them be ppl who watch it if this was their first experience it makes sense

  19. Tess Jwz says

    it would've been better if they had picked judges who actually respect and understand asmr. these two were just making faces and laughing the entire time

  20. ItsJustMe *_* says

    Grace is professional and she is amazing and those freakin judges are sooooo rude

  21. Estere Mellene says

    I loved the first one! By the way she has a YT channel.

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