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5. Khovsgol Lake
Khovsgol Lake surrounded by mountains Koridol and Bayan Saridag Ranges. In the Lake, there is a view with greenery around the Lake. The Lake has formed nearly three million years ago due to tectonic movements. And this area is home to ibex, argali sheep, bear, Wolf, elk, and sable. This area hosts three unique and separate nation: Darkhad, Buriat, and Tsaatan. Instead of shamanism, Buddhism is a religion of choice in these parts.

4. Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Amarbaysgalant, one of the most important monasteries in Mongolia, which lies at the foot of Mount Burenkhaan. Built by the Manchu Emperor between 1727-1736 with more than 40 temples in honor of Saint Zanabazar, the first Bogd, and a great artist. The construction of the monastery architecture is outstanding. His main style is Chinese while mixing a little architecture of Tibet and Mongolia. During the years 1930-an monastery destroyed by the Communists. The monastery was restored by Unesco from the years 1975 to reopened in 1990. At the moment 30 monks living here in 7-90 age range.

3. Erdene Zuu Monastery
Erdene Zuu monastery, “Temple of Jewels “, built between 1585 and 1586. It is certainly the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Ovorkhangai province, about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) Northeast Kharkhorin, written in the UNESCO World Heritage list in the category’s “Orkhon Valley cultural landscape “. After the fall of communism in 1990, the monastery was given to the old and Erdene Zuu again became the site of worship, where many pilgrims come to walk and collect their thoughts. The site was restored at the end of this century and almost reinvent its religious activities. Today, Erdene Zuu remains an active Buddhist monastery, and at the same time a museum open to tourists.

2. Gobi Desert
Gurvan Saikhan Gobi National Park (Three Beauties are of the Gobi) is located to the West of the town of Dalanzadgad in Umnugobi province. The Park is protected in 1965 due to saving the beautiful nature of the Yolyn Am-Saikhan Mountains from the East. In the park there are dunes i.e. Khongor Sand Dunes are the largest dunes: and the most spectacular of which is located in Sevrei soum. Also known as “singing hills “, height up to 800 m, a width of 20 km and a length of 100 km.

1. Ulanbator
Ulanbator or Ulaanbataar which means red hero is the capital of Mongolia. The city looks perfect blending ancient cultures with Mongolia. The ruins of monasteries mingled with the good, along with the skyscrapers, and the homes of residents. You can walk around here and find someplace unique here. Ghenghis Khan as in Square, where there is an awful lot of statue of Sükhbaatar named Hero and still no Genghis Khan that you can find. Besides Ghenghis Khan Square there is also the Zaisan Memorial, Choijin Lama temple, and the Gandan Monastery

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