8 NEW SKINS – 2 LEGENDARY Cosmic Lux, Dark Star Malphite, Mordekaiser, Xerath & Talon, Taric, Twitch


8 NEW SKINS Patch 10.6 – Legendary Cosmic Lux & Legendary Dark Cosmic Lux, Dark Star Malphite, Dark Star Mordekaiser, Dark Star Xerath & Blackwood Talon, Taric Luminshield , Twitch Shadowfoot. LoL League of Legends all new skins PBE preview. 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS:
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  1. Remus says

    That's a lot, still no Fiddle though…
    Woops, forgot to add a code, here are 2 for early birds:

  2. Chase Lo says

    now I can imagine a Ziggs skin that throwing dark planets.

  3. luiza serpa says

    Lol br I want this cute Stuart Little Twitch

  4. luiza serpa says

    Lol br I want this cute Stuart Little Twitch

  5. Humanoide says

    Normal people: awesome, new talon, xerath, malphite and taric, skins.
    Retarded people: lU× ∆gAin?? rREally Rit0??

  6. Michael HF says

    Lux got new skins? What a suprise…

  7. Jax says

    Finally, 2 legged xerath

  8. augusto ventosa says

    my 10k rp are waiting

  9. Revenant says

    cries in train boi

  10. TopHatButcher says


  11. Julius Oprenov says

    I saw Dark Star Mordekaiser thinking, "He's coming out in patch 10.5!?" my heart sunk when I realized that Dark Star Mordekaiser was coming out in 2 weeks with patch 10.6 🙁

  12. SheLuxLit :3 says

    Are you trying to sound relatable? Lux is NOT getting the skins because she didn't got enough recently, she's getting them because riot needs to fund the other less popular ones that won't bring much income!

  13. Miyaura Sanshio says

    too much lux skins…

  14. Mike Pro says

    finally a k/da taric for the k/da skin line team

  15. ToB BI says

    "Lux is getting a new skin every Friday" lmao

  16. Patient V says

    Banning Lux now because she doesn’t deserve the skins.

  17. Myster_Ink says

    another fucking lux sin lol must be nice

  18. Moonlight Boy says

    OMG this skin for Lux 😍 im Dead 😵

  19. Blazer XD says

    Lets be real. Lux can have a skin. A SKIN. Not 2 legendaries. Wtf Riot. I get you need to make money for other champs to get skins, but 2 LEGENDARY SKINS? Honestly thats just some shit right there. Anyone else couldve gotten that Dark cosmic skin and she can keep her Cosmic. Whatever. Ill just perma ban lux.
    (Do like the twitch skin though)

  20. sugardaddy Lucifer says

    I dont like how lux has so many skins, how about aphelios or kayn or even ornn, give them skins

  21. Gabriel Yi says

    My money =(

  22. Miltort Manapaste says

    WHERE IS MY MORDE LEGENDARY. at least this is a skin for him I suppose


    I think riot games are just a bunch of simps considering most of the lux players are girls.

  24. Florent li says

    twitch's skin is so disapointing

  25. RobAaronCross says

    The new Talon skin is so shit

    blond hair that doesnt fit him

    ugly AF

    i just hope that he will get chromas

    its just the hair that ruins it imo

  26. Chris27Chan says

    I love that taric skin it feels like a prestige skin.

  27. Ninji says

    Those Lux skins are reaaally pretty but it seems weird that she gets dark cosmic skins when she already have a star guardian one, since normally dark star and star guardian are fighting I wonder if it changes the lore around these universes or not

  28. Khalil Rebei says

    I hope i wake up tomorrow and this is a fckin nightmare

  29. NOphion Trollbringer says

    I really like Dark Star Malphite.
    It doesnt look as threatening, but like some absolute mindless being, completely unaware of aesthetic or style. Just a Cosmic monster avout to eat your universe as well.

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