Aladdin … Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek | Hindi TV Serial | Full Episode – 109 | Zee TV


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Aladdin – Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek is a #Hindi adventure #drama television series starring Shahab Khan, Mandar Jadhav and Nazea Sayed. #Aladdin, a 15-year-old carefree boy, #loves Jasmine, a princess. Jaffar, an evil #magician, tries hard to get his hands on a magical lamp but fails. The only person who can get the lamp is Aladdin, a pure soul. Can Aladdin make the best use of the magical lamp and keep it away from the evil magician?
Wicked magician Jaffer gets a breather when he comes to know that the magical Lamp can bring him back to his original form and also help him to regain his lost strength and magical powers. Meanwhile, Aladdin, an orphan teenaged boy, once again receives step motherly treatment from his own aunt, who has brought him up. He finds solace in his best friend Junaid. Both friends get excited when the Sultan orders a grand feast for all on the occasion of Princess Jasmine’s birthday. Meanwhile, Jaffer is shocked to know that the Lamp can be touched only by Aladdin. Will Jaffer be able use #aladdin to get access to the Lamp..?


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  1. Mohammad Ayoob says

    I like the ep

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    Love you so much

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    👽 naes

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    Main episode upload ni keye ja rhy ye wrong number ha bhaya

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    107 or 108 kyu upload ni keya kya bkws ha ye wo b upload Karin sara maza kharab kr deya

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    107 108 episode khan ha😡

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    107 OR 108 gaayab q kr diye

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  15. Monu Sony says

    Aladdin Jasmine ki mast chudai Karega

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    Aladdin ki najar jasmeen ke gand per hai

  17. مهند الصبيحي says

    اخلفوه عربب

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  22. Nisar Shekh says

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  23. medical lecturer says

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  24. medical lecturer says

    Bnchd episode 108 q nhi dala

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    107 or 108 episode kyu nhi hai

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    Kindly episode107 or 108 episode hamlogoko dekhane ke liye madat kigiye.thanks

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    Nice so Aladdin

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