Amateur Football ● Funny Moments | #2


▷ In this KYSTAR video you will see the best and funny moments of amateur football 2018, sunday league football vines. amateur football vines. soccer. Amateur football fights, amateur football fails, sunday league football moments, sunday league football vines. amateur football skills & Goals. Amateur football best moments Worst sunday league football / amateur football moments Amateur Football 2018 ● Fails, Tackles, Skills & Goals ————————————————————————————–
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  1. KYSTAR says

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  2. Josue RealS. says

    See my video

  3. james gower says

    Man on. The funniest clip I have seen ever. Thank you. Ha ha ha

  4. colincv21 _ says


  5. DarkMedicine says

    Last goal was like the Drunken Fist of football

  6. Dominic Haeger says

    Name of the intro song pls

  7. jerry Lott says


  8. wedge says

    Fairplay there were some great strikes

  9. Toyosi Adigun says

    0:18 cyber hunter 😂😂

  10. Juan Pablo Valverde says

    02:07 Try to be like MARADONA!

  11. Richmond Havor says

    2:26 what did the goalie trip on? Life?

  12. Robert Puga says

    3:53 though. That has to be a red

  13. OTF TommyOnMobile says

    4:36 watch number 2 till the end😂 he just watches😂😂

  14. HaHaHa Joker says


  15. Vid Zaveršek says

    It happens to everybody

  16. Renegade Pyro says

    A soccer player gets bumped in to. Step 1: fall on floor. Step 2: open mouth as wide as possible. Step 3: grab just under your knee. Step 4: roll around.

  17. Hamzah Rabbani says

    In last video make me laugh😂

  18. HYUK PARK says

    Always safety first!!

  19. Johnny Bat says

    Very funny!!!

  20. Tom Jongerling says

    3:57 VV steenwijk

  21. Donovan Berrevoets says

    4:27 bloemendaal😂 uit dit filmpje zijn er 6 clubs in de regio HAARLEM😂

  22. Donovan Berrevoets says

    0:40 RKVV DSS❤️

  23. Akash gurung says

    Camera guy: Penaltyyyyy

  24. Alba Montoya says

    El primero una selebracion bacana pero el corazón es al lado izquierdo

  25. Paul Bauer says

    Meatballs Napalm – Güterfelder Pfingsttunier (extrem episch)

  26. The Player Database says

    You can now create a free player profile at let professional scouts and clubs see what you have to offer.

  27. Wolf Kreide says

    3:55 Defender needs to get his teeth taken out, 1 strike

  28. phoenix rising says

    Who the F knew that Amateur football was entertaining AF

  29. afendi ujud says

    Ajan ngan Rahim amatrop ah za za za

  30. Craig Sutton says

    Why is the first video funny??

  31. SansLah says

    Football, comedy, and MMA in one package. The ticket should be more expensive than EPL😅

  32. SNEIJDER W says

    first celebration is cringy

  33. Simone Martinelli says

    the first one made me cringe…

  34. Vladimir Jugovic says


  35. Steph Titi says

    Ce foot est fait pour moi , une véritable chèvre.

  36. PetrolHead Brasil says

    01:03 – agora eu "se consagro"!!!!

  37. thepinkdiamondsVIDEO says

    the own goal at 4:00 is just fucking brilliant, the keeper pulls out a Bergkamp touch and then proper finish in his own net. couldn't have made that up if we wanted it.

  38. Shinx420 says

    still better than Welbeck

  39. Marcus Marcus says

    Shit video

  40. Snipe13051 says

    Shittiest cam on youtube..


    LIKE se sei ITALIANO 👇👇

  42. TheRobweb says

    0:43 Danny De Vito referee

  43. chino cano says

    0:50 Its The Scissor Tackle.

  44. Tomáš Mišura says

    Some of them have better kicking technique than so-called professionals.

  45. 107788点cc 侟送100% says

    百闻不如一试 值得您信赖的 菠菜旺指 就再107788点cc MG PT 你是下一个打虎英雄吗? 五大联赛想下就下

  46. Y2J * says

    2:20 wtf 😂

  47. mattyores says

    Funny moments… Maybe some of them has been injured for that fatal tackles…

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