Amateur | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Talent and hard work won’t matter if the game is playing the system. Amateur, a Netflix Film, premieres on 4/6.

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Amateur | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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  1. Jayson Tatum says


  2. Kk_897 says

    So ein geiler Film

  3. War Freak says

    NETFLIX man, WE NEED PART 2!!!

  4. Jimmie Webb says

    He ruined his own career he could have turned off camera he wasn’t even live when he looked through door idiot

  5. Emirhan Kosif says

    Mükemmel film

  6. Frank Oteiza says

    Brothers esta película me iso llorar sigan su sueño lo conpañerismo y la familia y tus sueños la mea película me deja sin palabras espero que Netflix vea esto y que isieron una muy buena película ojala la 2 de novato seria otro sueño para mi ❤💚💛💜💖💙🏀🏀

  7. Uriel Saldivar says

    I have a question who is Tariq?

  8. King Kyah says

    Can someone please tell me what the piano song is at the end

  9. Ciaran Bright says

    make an amateur 2 this film is class

  10. Zo_ Sifalios says

    Ihave seen this movie 4 times and more to go

  11. BackwardSShane says

    What is the song at 00:57

  12. Aky0n Blap says

    Imma go on NBA 2k19 my career and create T

  13. patria rdh says

    Cek out..!!!

  14. Phù thủy ghét mưa says

    Please link the movie has vietsub

  15. Can Karatay says

    I didn't saw the scene that he says stay out of my player

  16. paula nevels says

    I watched it today it was great

  17. Luffar TV says

    Make a Amateur 2

  18. Alex Matias_ says

    second part? The movie is incredible

  19. Shelby Cullison says

    Anyone know the name of the brand that sponsors the team?

  20. ms.dorsey fun adventures funny says

    i watch this movie know it makes me think about what i want too do in the future basketball

  21. Thrilling Productions says

    Watched this movie over 50 times

  22. Marco R. says

    Best Movie ever👍👌👌👌

  23. Zevnn says

    Best movie 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥

  24. TeamCrafterz says

    There is not happy end he didnt go to game to get money …

  25. FullmetalandtheFlame says

    Josh Charles <3

  26. jordan Oickle says

    Whats the song thats playin i cant find it?

  27. Ace Villarete says

    He doin the 1 minute VC glitch

  28. Andrew Lokkebo says

    If you’re gonna put in the time at least be good at it.

  29. Μαρία Οικονόμου says

    What is the name of this song

  30. Raleizy says


  31. Lil kid LOL says


  32. Edmund Sasu says

    this should be a tv show

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