Amber Heard Most Beautiful Moment Tribute


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Track: Last Heroes x TwoWorldsApart – Eclipse (feat. AERYN) [NCS Release]
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  1. Stevie Dee says

    Fookin shite soundtrack

  2. Madhan Karmakar says


  3. Sr KK says

    Amber vale verga.

  4. martlo100 says

    myślałem ze chociaż zaropiało. szparkę Pokaże a tu niespodzianka ni chuja …

  5. robyn alvin says

    Throwing pans, pots, glass bottles, one of which sliced and broke his finger. She admits to the aforementioned on audio tapes. She talks to her then husband in a disparaging and condescending tone. He has the patience of Job. This woman has set women back and the true abuse that does, in fact, occur. We see that woman and men can both abuse. Mr. Depp is a very good actor and very well respected as an A-lister. I believe he fell infatuated with her on The Rum Diaries as a woman more than half his age. He is suing her and I hope he wins. Hollywood needs more decent people; many of them are not but filled with arrogance. He needs healing from this trauma which has tortured him. I hope he doesn't drink away the pain. It was extremely painful for me to even hear the tapes.

  6. Aida Aldaba says

    Yeah… And she has the ugliest inside…a terrible and shameless being…

    #No Offense Meant Jason.
    #Bec of Amber Turd # ROTTEN BEING # NOSHAME

  7. Alexandre Silva Silva says

    bonitinha,mas ordinária…😝😝

  8. highpeacetess says

    0:28 she never was good at faking real human emotion

  9. Cherise Kilian says

    #amberTurd Most beautiful moment tribute…. Should be when she goes to jail for DV and lying under oath…

  10. D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX says

    Crazy lying ass bitch

  11. Mango Fango says

    It appears that she's the one who abused Johnny. But God what a stunning woman.

  12. Elisabeth Acosta says

    Amber Turd. Let's not forget this woman took a 💩 in her ex husband's bed as a joke.

  13. Jason Born says

    she is so fake

  14. Raven Black says

    Bite my ass Amber. Your disgusting inside

  15. Bethany Gee says

    I'm glad to see so many people now see the truth about this woman. #justiceforjohnnydepp

  16. Phuc Kim says

    Sweet but psycho. Beautiful and twisted

  17. aileen E says Please pass and sign the petition to remove ms turd from aquaman 2 . She recently mocked the petition

  18. Arly Sanchez says

    What a waste

  19. Focused and fabulous says

    Your cancelled, bitch 🤮

  20. Focused and fabulous says

    I could vomit 🤢 just to watch her 🤮

  21. Focused and fabulous says

    Fuck this psycho, gold digger D -garbage actress.Justice for Jonnhy 👊

  22. Sarah Brit says

    Beautiful in the inside too.

  23. Blue Planet says


  24. nonnhec ovlac says

    piece of 💩

  25. s says


  26. Ozan Aydogdu says

    Number one beauty 😘❤️…

  27. zac THE_GOLDEN_LION says

    Omg I live this girl

  28. Yan Yan Sibug says

    Beautiful? She looks like the Human Embodiment of the devil to me now. What a snake!

  29. l h e s l i e says

    Vieja loca xD

  30. Makynzee The Fat Hamster says

    Delete this 🙂

  31. lily Rose says

    I think Amber proves to everyone that beauty and hotness are of no value when the personality is evil, petty and disgusting.

  32. Frosti80 says

    One of the ugliest people on the planet. A true to life textbook narcissist-sociopath. A trash human being. There are more beautiful people on this earth that don't look as good as her.

  33. lisa richards says


  34. Phoebe Huang says

    why do some ppl liked this vid?? she's such an evil ugly violent b**ch. she should go to hell. her supporters should go to hell too. go johnny, i luv u

  35. Reon Wikeepa says


  36. Scarlett Snow says

    The Turd in all her glory

  37. Priscila Pessini Nunes says

    Agressora 🤣🤣

  38. Ash Williams says

    I need a doll like her… I don't care I could be an abuser as well LOL

  39. Hugo Shaw says

    When you write Amber is a bad person 6 months ago and everyones dislikes you and now if you write she's a golddiger bitch you got Likes… LOL This new genereration… but I don't give a damn anymore… KARMA AMBER

  40. Robert Sergio says


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