Animation vs Minecraft 3&4 | AvG Reacts!


It’s two fun episodes of twists, turns, and surprises as DJ reacts to Alan Becker’s Animation vs Minecraft Shorts “The Roller Coaster” and “Potions”! Join in and watch AvG react to two of the best of AvM. Pro Tip: pigs get even more points than cats

Next video is Animation vs Minecraft 5 – Note Blocks | AvG Reacts!

Original Video “The Roller Coaster”:
Original Video “Potions”:


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  1. 6:57 Actually, you make weakness potions with a water bottle, but every other actual potion is made with an awkward potion.

  2. I’ll never be able to ignore the fact that blue had four melons then when he was using the brewing stand he only has three and there’s no way he could’ve lost it or placed it down in between.

  3. No Yellow didn’t break the rules of Minecraft he’s mining straight down but with a 2 by 1 space it’s more safer

  4. that the end side how to orange go out and 2 JK is just kiding and howwwww to that… pig drink all and be a super man… oh i sorry is a super pig.andddddd that all… done

  5. Tallest man alive: 2.72m
    1 Minecraft block: 1m^3
    The stick men: 3 blocks tall
    Conclusion: The stick men are the tallest people alive


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