Animation vs Minecraft | AvG Reacts!


Animators vs Games reacts to Alan Becker’s most popular Minecraft animation video. Stick figures find a Minecraft cube. Basically, Alan reacts to DJ reacting to seeing the video for the first time. Reaction inception!

Original Video:

Next video is Animation vs Minecraft Shorts 1&2 | AvG Reacts!


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  1. Animators VS Games says

    Next time, we're going to do a reaction video of us reacting to this react video!

  2. ColePlays says

    alan’s like “yea i made that”

  3. PusheenGaming 08 says

    ‘This is like how to survival part 2’

  4. Cristine Jewel Miranda says


  5. Juan Avila says

    WUW WOW GG OMG >:D °-° 0-0 O-O WOW LOL

  6. Cory Studios says

    I have 1 question for Alan. Are any of them a girl?

  7. Sadash Gamer says

    10:55 Alan what you do?

  8. 박인욱 says

    와 진짜 Alan becker는 전설이다…..
    보고있으면 가슴이 웅장해진다….

  9. Hieu Nguyen Trung says

    10:12 how is there water?

  10. Нечто похожее на человека says

    Ware are a Russian's suptitres? Hi from Russia! Привет!

  11. Eric Russ says

    They finnally got 1M views!!!

  12. THE BOT LEGEND says

    He has no idea of what minecraft is not alan

  13. MetallicTophatAlex RBLX says

    5:07 notice how the beacon is still there despite blue mined it?

  14. Flaming God YT says

    At 10:57 Red was "Hulking" Orange or it was like at the new Broly Movie how New Broly "which is WAY STRONGER than the older Broly" but Broly was SLAMMING Goku on the ground over and over again

  15. Flaming God YT says

    Alan uuuhm the Stick Figures are 4bks tall shouldn't they be taller than Enderman and all the other normal mobs

  16. Lauren sykes says

    Nice terreria house

  17. Heili Sillard says

    Good vids

  18. inc_S4ns says

    TSC:Remember the time

    TSC:when we build things

    All:yes from 5min ago

  19. inc_S4ns says

    AvG and alan becker vid needs to reach 34M-59M subs
    And 19803B views

  20. Mst. Afifa Khatun says

    creative mod never heart

  21. TheNooboLordeYT says

    My daily bases :
    1. Eat gummy’s/other foods
    2. Watch YouTube
    3. Watch Alan Becker for 10 hours

  22. Wallace Yang says

    when red smashes orange
    Minecraft: WHAT IS THIS!?!?!?!?
    Alan: what? they ALWAYS define the law of minecraft

  23. AmTobi says

    At the last area theres "Why Cant we be friends" and "the ultimate showdown"

  24. Maximilian Balistreri says

    I got an ad and I thought it was part of the vid XD

  25. Bray of fun says

    I am the 666th comment..

  26. W.D temmie says


  27. jae Wan park says


  28. Iambait says

    Once alan said that the files showed what was happening, I was just looking at the files to see what they said


    Herobrine was notches brother when he created minecraft herobrine died that day

  30. CHUNHAI XU says

    Before He Die

  31. Nolanadon Von says

    43@#9;# 2(6

  32. Nolanadon Von says


  33. Benlove2563 says

    Recreate it with nertherite armor

  34. Marwel xander animations says

    2:05 i kinda saw a glitch/camera glitch

  35. Annie Magno says

    Green:breaks diamond blocks
    Also green:gets diamonds when not puting in crafting table

    Mojang:wait that illegal.

  36. norhaslilah hasan sezali says


  37. Nor Afrina Syazwana says

    I dont like it im angry😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  38. Vannesa ly says

    Why did red not use command blocks a barrier blocks?

  39. Rajean Ebanks says

    i found this cannel when i was on a game site and saw the animation i wanted to show it to my brother but didnt see it so i went to you tube and found your amazing channel love

  40. Blue Thunder says

    Final battles be like

  41. [HCR2] GOAT!! says

    The people are ninjas

  42. Jonas Moore says

    fishing polls now there grappling hooks

  43. Felipe Raperodx says

    14:13 did herobrine

  44. Felipe Raperodx says

    herobrine 😮 this red

  45. Felipe Raperodx says

    the vis alan

  46. Felipe Raperodx says


  47. Felipe Raperodx says


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