Animation vs. Minecraft (original)


Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.

The Animator vs. Animation series continues, this time without the animator.

watch number 1:
watch number 2:
watch number 3:
watch number 4:

Music by Sarah Eide

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  1. yellow: eh? red, what the heck is going on to ya bro?
    red: I, WANT, THAT, BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!
    yellow: oh crap
    red: angry TAKE THIS!!!! hits yellow
    yellow: guys we need to catch red
    all: k
    blue: hm… I should kick this idiot with my nature powers
    sc: I think that's an option
    diamonds and obsidians magically appears with 1000 pieces
    all: wow some resources
    all kind of resources appear magically
    sc: let's make obsidian armor
    alan: sc are u dumb???
    sc: ey u stupid creator teleport red back and make him peaceful
    alan: NO
    sc: ok
    narrator: and that's how the story ends
    JK the story not ended
    heres part 2
    when stick figures reached to the nether
    sc: well thats a long trip
    herobrine: I wIlL hAvE mY rEvEnGe!!!1!1!1!1!1!1
    all: crap
    herobrine: 01101001000111010111011 TAKE THIS REEEE
    all: lets team up and fight herobrine
    all have teamed up 😛
    sc: now lets defeat herobrine
    all: playing cs:go
    herobrine: 01110111010101010101010111111001100001? *WhAt ArE yOu GuYs DoInG??
    all: none of ur business
    green: guys should we kill herobrine or hwhat?
    sc: its time to use my magic snap like thanos
    everything back to normal
    red: woah what happend me?
    sc: u had a virus called herobrine.exe
    red: ok
    narrator: thats how the story ends

  2. Bro how long to make this animations looks like you work very hard on this channel also stay safe cronaviurs

  3. Orange is that problem minecraft player who knows litterally every craft recipes, all the brewing recipes and basically finishes mine craft instantly.

    And red well red is the player that does a survival world but cheats for everything ?


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