Animator vs Animation 2 – The Chosen One's Return | AvG Reacts!


An impossibly dangerous foe meets the most epic stick figure. It’s the most intense battle yet as The Chosen One fights the devious Virus! It’s enough to leave DJ speechless… and to think, none of this fun action would have happened if Alan just had better malware protection…

Original video “The Chosen One’s Return”:

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  1. Ian Chan says

    Moral Of The Story: Dont Hit A Ball With A Spider Logo On It With A Hammer.

  2. fa nadjmi 72 says

    2:02 hi, no one wants to press the close button

  3. W.D. Gaster says

    The chosen one is too DETERMINED to destroy the virus

  4. RMaM says

    I see why it's the Wifi symbol. That room/house where TCO and TDL live is in the internet.

  5. Bernie Garzon says

    Is to hard to make fire or not

  6. H3YITZNESHA 3369 says

    The chosen one😎

  7. Michelle Black says

    Are you doing part 3

  8. Rathor Aman says

  9. Bête Noire says

    I want such an Anti – Virus

  10. Peony Light and Dark says

    No one:
    Not even one:
    The chosen one: *shoot laser out of none existing eyes*

  11. Coldcolor900 says

    i just realized the chosen one is doing what alan forced him to do when he captured him

  12. Aarón0920 Navarro de la cruz says


  13. Ali and friends Omer Mairaj says

    I am also a very cool artist

  14. Ali and friends Omer Mairaj says

    I love your Minecraft and pokemon animation

  15. Ali and friends Omer Mairaj says

    I so this animation like 1 year ago and i messaged you now

  16. Ali and friends Omer Mairaj says

    ell what about you make animation vs Fortnite or PUBG

  17. Ali and friends Omer Mairaj says

    you guys could have downloaded an anti-virus well if the chosen one would be fighting coronavirus he would seriously lose because there is no anti-virus of that thingy

  18. Peony Light and Dark says

    Alan did an amazing job

  19. Felipe Zhou Jin says

    Is fantastic

  20. Doge the unstoppable says

    What's he choosen for?

  21. kdroblox4 says

    I saw minecraft

  22. Tan XY says

    Where is Dark Lord?

  23. Adwaith 40 says

    Continue the episodes

  24. ララLara says

    The Chosen One can dodge Danmaku bullets. Oh wait… It must be in TOUHOU.

  25. Оля тв says


  26. таня порфирьева says


  27. PuppyDaze 15 says

    The chosen one sends the following message: now im pissed, spider.

  28. Zero twoゼロツー says

    da fire wall guard is here BOISSSSS

  29. hernandez creeper yt says


  30. Rozaq Ilmi says

    more story please

  31. Rudi Masdino Rosman says

    Why did you stop?

  32. Chung Yung Or says


  33. Dunstan Caranto says

    I would like to imagine that the chosen one's last punch is GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRA!

  34. POOTIS says

    Best antivirus ever

  35. iban elian LQ says

    Es como si fuera el anaranjado del futuro por el diseño xd

  36. wally says


  37. ExpertClass says

    Is The Chosen One a virus?

  38. GGgamer445 pro says

    What animators see : *Blue screen of death

    What it really is :

  39. #Justine Gaming ph says

    Roblox vs animashon rigt

  40. 廖展寬 says


  41. Ant Barratt says

    The orange guy is the black persons with the fire powers cause in the movie where the person draws the orange guy and he gets mad the orange person turns black for a couple of times and then the last one he has fire and his hands and he was black so then that's how the owns guy is the black person who's the powerful run

  42. StrikeBlazerGames says

    3:02 that was awesome.

    Says nothing for a while
    Next thing:

    That was awesome

  43. 박지운 says


  44. Din Mohammad Yosufi says

    I saw this animation and I had a bad dream because of this virus.

  45. gangster pro p says

    This is basically your firewall vs a virus

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