Animator vs Animation 3 Speakonia Dub


Here it is, finally! Animator vs Animation 3 has been dubbed in Speakonia, all in one video (no parts this time!)! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Credit goes to Alan Becker and OVERdrive Productions, they both inspired me to do this.

Stay tuned for an Animation vs. YouTube SNEAK PREVIEW, also dubbed in Speakonia later on tonight!

Speakonia Sam as Animator
Natural Sam as Windows Movie Maker
Speakonia Mike as The Chosen One
Natural Mike as The Dark Lord
Microsoft Mary as Clippy and Firefox
Microsoft David/LH Michael as Skype
Microsoft Hazel as Orbit
Male Whisper as Minesweeper Face
RoboSoft Six as iTunes
Adult Male #1 as Yahoo Messenger
Adult Male #2 as AOL Messenger
Adult Female #1 as Internet Explorer

Jingle Bells, Sneaky Snitch and Secrets of the Schoolhouse by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. #Yvette Fan says

    Good video

  2. Alex Bălan says


  3. Ploprotees Howerd says

    "Why do you have to say that every time we start?" lol

  4. Arlo Copley says

    That music s good

  5. Sale Marasino says

    6:43 Destroys glass

  6. Sale Marasino says

    4:49 "minimize"

    2:34 Awwww!!!
    That's cute 🙂

  7. Phoenix says

    I fucking hate stickman, you know that I fucking hate stickman.

    Shut up you pile of shit xD

  8. Brickmantenis says

    3:28 Lunch Time!!!

  9. SpiderSuit Minecraft says

    Tornado 3:22

  10. William Hernandez says

    estubo bien

  11. SpiderSuit Minecraft says

    Ball of Paperclip 4:10

  12. Rebecca Rios says

    "You're about as useless as my ass"

    But an ass is pretty useful.

  13. Rebecca Rios says

    2:05 I cant tell what Sam is saying.

  14. Rebecca Rios says

    Why do i find 1:22 to be the funniest part?

  15. Nikola Randjelovic says

    Microsoft sam as animator / alan Microsoft mike in hall as the chosen one Microsoft mary as clipboard and Mozilla Firefox

  16. CLOWNER 11298 says


  17. Anthony Turner says

    2:05 hdjfjsgdketdjthsejdgxjshfhegfyevdjcudfwkqodkfhbrjdj

  18. Anthony Turner says

    U r going down u fucking piece of shit who r u calling a piece of shit

  19. Tomleç YT says

    7:43 the "ks" war is here!

  20. TJ says

    Why Do The Lines Sometimes Are Edited Lines Of Gamer101s Dub?

  21. Настя Антонова says


  22. Burak Chan says

    video name is : WHAT THE FUCK

  23. Kenneth De Jesus says

    1:10 yyyyyyyyyyyy is it so hilarious?! XD

  24. Fliesenleger 69 says

    Why does you Stole the video

  25. Yui says

    1:23 the epic final battle

  26. S Whale says


  27. Judith Ragsag says


  28. XxMlgKid RobloxXx/AlbertsStuffYesEvilCalliouNo says

    I did not know use both voices

  29. Craig Edwards says

    Honestly, there's way too much talking and interrupting, but this is still funny.

  30. Green Neko Productions says

    2:27 "You're about as useless as my ass."

  31. Mister Suitcase says

    /I ______________

  32. CharliePagel CPH says


  33. The Gamer and Artist! says

    _ _______________________'
    @([_______]___________) ]]]]]]]D
    / / (( )
    / ___|'—-'

  34. Erick Sowers says

    was sam supposed to say vague instead of big.

  35. Blackie Foxx says

    This one has more profanity than the original TTS one

  36. Nikita Ludwig says

    This is not your animation you victim

  37. sweetzz82 says


  38. Anime Central Ultra says

    2:21 that right there is hilarious "your about as useless as my ass"

  39. The Swiss - 1914 says

    2:01 did anyone notice that the letter the guy spit out spelled "wadd up"?

  40. Marcus Forrester says

    Never trust the omogys😡😡😡

  41. Windows Electronic101 says

    Ok, why didn't you keep Microsoft David as the Skype voice, and why did you not use Natural Mary? It makes it confusing as to who is speaking.

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