Animator Vs. Animation – Kickstarter Card Game Review


Animator Vs. Animation Review by Unfiltered Gamer

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  1. Cayden Farmer says

    You got the first one

  2. Jayson Smith says

    Great preview/review, Michael! I like your point of view at the end. Thanks!

  3. James Reid Jr. says

    Very cool!

  4. Aayan Miah says

    The points are not see through hmm… oh wait Alan said it would look different in the final product

  5. Sue Emery says

    I know that to make character do an action in animation, many frames have to be drawn! This card game looks like action filled fun 🤪

  6. Ruth Dane says


  7. Mitchell Dane says

    Very unique

  8. Don Galvan says

    This looks very interesting!

  9. Michael Shea says


  10. James Reid Jr. says

    Thanks for the reivew

  11. Gunder Coaty says


  12. Alan Becker says

    great review. its more complex of a game than i realized

  13. Enrique Teh says

    Where to buy

  14. Tushar Kd says

    I'm gonna buy this

  15. Gretis says

    me too

  16. SkiNet says

    came here by kickstarter

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