Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game!!


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  1. Tongtip Silmee says

    D Agostino to get

  2. Cozmea Cosmin says

    Plainrock 2

  3. Serperior Chaos says

    Man i want this… But it's so expensive 🙁 I'm gonna save up.. Lol

  4. DoT. says

    i want that card gaaame

  5. Major Gamer_Playz2821 says

    I don’t need it..I don’t need it..I NEED IIIIIIT

  6. Layton Thomas says

    Animation vs flash

    I'm a genius!

    I knew it

  7. Eduard Munteanu says

    Cum se numește melodia ?

  8. yiğit efe says

    How can I buy it with Turkish lira

  9. Gage Reeves says

    I like your channel i want to be like you.

  10. Christophe Boucher says

    I love your videos continue like that!

  11. arailym Saurbayeva says

    Alan Becker you really Roblox

  12. 오킴리 says


  13. Екатерина Санникова says

    Далалаладдсзвддвдвдбабадабьсббсбкгкгкокошо про проп 🙂

  14. Екатерина Санникова says


  15. Екатерина Санникова says


  16. Никита Хуснияров says

    Я один русский мне страшно…

  17. Megat Shafiq Haiqal says

    Is it really real?

  18. TheFeiry Boi says

    Alan your so handsome 😍

  19. Benjamin Case says

    Well however silly this sounds I try my hardest to keep secret to my friends of what YouTubeers I watch so can you make an online version of this card game+?

  20. 羅婉瑄 says

    I can't buy this,where can I buy.

  21. budgiebreder says

    Such a cool thing to come from a video!!!!

  22. POWER MONSTER says

    Alan becker liar

  23. Doggo Jaden says

    How do you make animation so good

  24. Kings Sky says


  25. Muhammad Rizal says


  26. Zodiac-TDS10 GMR says

    Btw can u changes name about (the second coming) name his like (SC) new name red is (jake )yellow name is (jess) green name is (jack)
    Blue name is (ocean) (yellow->jess red->jake blue->ocean green->jack) good? Names? Or not if notmits ok im gonna cry instead

  27. Арслан Танирберген says

    0:34 What the music in here?

  28. C L A Y M O R E says

    Lone Digger is lit for this kind of stuff

  29. bert ck says

    Türkçe konuş

  30. SpainCat says

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal of starting a kickstarter, but not giving the reward at the release date.

  31. Edwin Eyan Moragas says

    I love this card game I don’t know how to buy this game 💔😆😁😄😃😀☹️🙁😕😟😔😣😢😭

  32. Adal Carrazco says

    Like the video for a Subscribers to Alan Becker.

  33. ??陽一 says

    \  /

  34. shayano potato says

    you should honestly make a video game

  35. II Don Nadie II says

    The song is (caravan palace – lone digger) :]

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