Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer


Welcome to World’s Edge, a new Apex Legends map where molten heat and chemical ice collide. Join our cast of Legends – including the newest Legend, Crypto – on the dropship as they’re whisked from Planet Solace towards World’s Edge on Planet Talos.

Special thanks to GerryArthur, Lilith_luxe, py-bun, totsdraw, feyspeaker, Cash_Mayo and Weta Workshop for the use of their amazing artwork and content.

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  1. Bangalore was killed 3 times in this trailer. She was kicked by Wraith, shot by Crypto, and gassed by Caustic… Anyone else get the feeling that maybe Respawn doesn't see Bangalore as their favorite legend?

  2. I’m still curious to know who is the third with wraith and Wattson is on the far right facing towards the wall. Pause at 0:51.

  3. 0:52 can anyone tell me who the third is on wraith and Watson's squad.. I know gibby, Bangalore and bloodhound are a squad. I know caustic, Octane, pathfinder the other and mirage, lifeline, crypto are one. But who's Watsons and wraiths 3rd?

  4. 0:22 wraith and mirage are always together even in previous trailers. I think theres a little love story going on between them lol


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