ARMY's SHOCKED! Jungkook Agreed to Dating a Man? BigHit Takes Action


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Today we are going to be talking about #BTS #Jungkook allegedly agreeing to dating a man. I love this story and I think it is a great story especially something that a KPOP idol has done. We also have #BigHit taking action internally over an issue involving BTS’ manager and his girlfriend. Let me know what you think about this and what your thoughts are. Love to hear it.

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  1. " You think they wouldn't notice? Army notices when bts's hair is a little out of place "

    Omg I love you already lmao

  2. I’m disappointed in ARMY’s. You can’t be mad at them for wanting to be married or to have a partner in life. Our job is to make sure they’re happy! Whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend we shouldn’t be judging! It’s not something we can control! It’s their body, THEIR feelings, their hopes and dreams, NOT YOURS! So let them be. They deserve to be happy just like the rest of the world. They struggle so much and hating on them for wanting to date somebody or have a future with a family of their own is not your decision to make! You SUPPORT and NOT judge! Please stop saying that they can’t marry the same gender and whatnot ! They can if it makes them happy! They deserve SOOO Much more! Our job is to support them. If you can’t accept that they WILL grow and might get married and have kids then you’re NOT a fan. Period

  3. in an interview RM said that none of them have a girlfriend or a boyfriend because they want to focus on their career thus he found out that one of them is GAY.

  4. I kinda have feeling he is 100% gay and
    is loving tae💜💜💜💙💙💙💜💜taekook vkook tae please accept his love and love him foreve no matter what

  5. Why not let us be happy for him and for those open minded people let us also support him
    Btw and the rest of bts💜
    What ever they decided to do or to think. If we are a real army number of years doesnt really matter but how big and willing a fan can be to still support bts

  6. I wouldn’t mind. As long as he picks someone who he loves, who will love him back for being himself.
    He will always be the baby of BTS no matter what. <3

  7. what about it if jungkook or jimin or anyone in that matter likes the “same sex”? what difference will it make? are you really a fan if you dont support what they want? are you going to stop listening to them, cheering for them? what difference does it make? its still jungkook, its still bts, its still them.

  8. This coming from a bisexual… I mean he didn’t ask jk if he would date a man. He asked for a date, and if I was in his shoes of say yes to. I wouldn’t be rude and say no, I’d say yes to make his day of course. Jk is a nice person I’ve met him twice, doesn’t seem like the type to hurt a fan man or woman’s feelings in a face to face fan greeting. Just my opinion though…

  9. Wow! South Koreans have made such progress in terms of their mentality since I was there in 2001. It is so amazing to to see. If you were gay back then you would have hid it. People of the same sex would hold hands and people would just assume that they had been best friends since childhood. When I went to clubs men would slow dance with each other. Which could be because they are best friends. But it could also mean that they were in denial. Homosexuality back then was not allowed to be expressed. I am so glad that it is being brought into the forefront. This is a huge step for the LGBT Korean community. It makes me happy that they finally feel comfortable being themselves. That person was brave to come out to his idol. And Jungkook has been fortunate enough to have an open mind and an open heart because he has travelled around the world and experienced a lot things despite how young he is. It makes me happy and makes me smile. And I have a new respect for him.

  10. Honestly tho, if Jungkook ends up liking a man, I would not be upset. I would actually be happy for him!!! I mean, who am I to judge him?? Am I his sibling?? No….am I his parents??? No….Am I God?? No…So I, and the other people, don't have the rights to judge him….

  11. I think jungkook is straight. Since kanny is an army so our kookie baby was supportive to him for being gay (or was just joking around). And also, i don't really think that this directly means he's ready to date a guy. I just shared my opinion cuz things were so serious in the comment section. What do you think about it dave?
    (Btw im really really trying hard not to offend anyone)

  12. If this wasn’t a male fan some of y’all would not be saying “I don’t think this means he is gay”. Wake up stop being heteronormative

  13. Aish! Whatever! Let their private life and private parts be their own to boss over! Keep your private parts out of the equation! — IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHO THEY DATE —

    Just show your GDMN support for whoever. Because they will surely be the Lucky ones!

  14. My friend came out to me as a lesbian through a note. She wrote it in Arabic (her fluent language), cause she thought I didn't understand Arabic, but I do. She gave me the note, then I read it. I said back to her in Arabic, "Thank you so much, I love you to *Her name*", she looked at me surprised, but also very happy. It was the most beautiful night of my life.💜

  15. He is not gay keep wishing, eww he is being nice. you can’t hate him cuz he is not. He is still a supporter of the Cause. Be happy with that.

  16. i don't care who they marry, men or women, as long as they're happy because I love them indefinitely and not
    looking for their mistakes or weaknesses. If you love them sincerely, you'll be happy to see your idols happy too, right? they're also ordinary humans who deserve to be in love and happy, so please let them go with privacy and happiness 💜💜💜

  17. I literally spent 30 minutes dancing and fan girling!!!!?!! This is what wattpad has done to me and I love it!! The fact that he said what he did makes me happy and proud of the lgbtq community.

    Jungkookie we open minded army will support you no matter what so as long as you're happy and they treat you right. Saranghae 💜💜💜💜💜
    ~ army

  18. We liyerally ship them with other members. How are Army shocked? They should welcome it. Whatever makes him happy


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