ARURF Best Outplays 2020 (URF Zed insane outplay, URF Lucian 1v5 Pentakill…)


🔹 ARURF Best Outplays 2020 (URF Zed insane outplay, URF Lucian 1v5 Pentakill…)
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Lucian Penta URF
Ekko 1v4 quadra urf
3v1 urf
Morgana in urf balanced
When you 1v3 trash talkers easily
ez lvl 1 penta
Jinx in urf is pig pog
Illaoi urf quadra kill
🔹 Music:
➥ outro: Vexento – Lonely Dance
➥ Spectrum – Leaving You Behind (ft. Tara Flanagan)
➥ Crimson – Heart Attack (feat. Ten Foot Circle)
➥ The FifthGuys & Nadro – Sweet Dreams (ft. Jon Becker)
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  1. Typically Zorii says


  2. Atakan Akkaya says

    9:45 isnt play just click q

  3. Hiếu Nguyễn says

    3:32 warwick's computer has been slain

  4. Oğuzhan Serin says

    what a bad montrage

  5. Dragon Z says

    Lol why do i have to be the one being outplayed on here XD. shyvana 2:40

  6. Trí Lê official says

    Give me the music link

  7. Lo Kiwi Na says

    8:39 that’s not even anything that urf helped with. That’s just a normal Illaoi ult. Just think about that for a sec

  8. Noah says

    People who use exhaust in urf are pussies

  9. Dr. Marpie says

    Im her enemy sett

  10. Anthony Tran says

    6:23 jinx w hit box is amazing

  11. Nenita Woo says

    1:17 – Main Character reveal
    1:19 – Departure to the Battle Field
    1:26 – Flawlessly Kills First Victim
    1:28 – it was planned all along.
    1:28 – Ambusher gets killed. And came two partners.
    1:29 – Climax Incoming
    1:30 — 1:38 – Climax
    (Meanwhile 1:32 – Mastermind was spotted.)
    1:38 – Info was sent to Main Character
    1:38 – On his way.
    1:42 – fires a barrage of bullets
    1:45 – The job was finally done

    Sorry 'bout that

  12. Jhinmin says

    awesome gameplay

  13. Cleyton Zanotto says

    how much lag are you
    pyke: yes

  14. lzdt says

    having 25 kills lead or being lvl 20 vs lvl 12 is "OUTPLAY" WTF!!

  15. sean histo says

    bobo ng lolo nyo

  16. Minh Trung says

    These are not outplays what the fuck

  17. Minh Trung says

    Do you even know what is "outplay" mean???

  18. 친쑤 KindSSoo says

    good enough

  19. Đông Lào says

    3:53 noob zed just lucky

  20. Stålis says

    Think i saw a total of 15 normal cast players (aka 15 silvers)
    And maybe 1-2 outplays sooooo…

    Basically clickbait lol

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