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Monday 25/05/2020 [Phase 3] at home workout routine balancing strength, flexibility & cardio + core & abdominal strength – Grab the full program here:

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In the midst of the COVID-19 Health Pandemic it’s now more important than ever to stay healthy and positive … and exercise is a major contributing factor to both! In fact, a decline in physical movement/exercise is almost a certainty as the world’s population goes into lockdown and remote working conditions. Unless we come together as a community and stay fit, this crisis will only worsen!

So we’re going to be live streaming a revolutionary new version of our popular UMS Online Coaching program to the world five days per week to help support and inspire people to keep (or start) exercising!

Join us each morning at 7:00am (AEST) to train with us. Together, let’s prove that there’s Strength In Unity!!

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➥ Exercise Equipment – We use tools to support our training and (where possible), provide affiliate links to help you find them. We get 5-10% commision if you use our link, which helps support our channel so we can continue making content for you. We appreciate your support.

? Rumble Roller is our favorite for self myofascial & trigger point massage:

? Back Ball is our favorite for rapid posture, spine and shoulder mobility enhancement:

? The Hypersphere Massage Ball is the ultimate deep tissue muscle release tool:

? Resistance Bands are our favorite tools for every day warm up and rehab exercises:

? Wooden Gymnastics Rings are our favorite for upper body strength and mobility training:

? Tumbl Trak Sliders are one of our favorite tools for mobility and core training exercises:


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