Auto Clicker – Free 10 in 1 Auto Clicker


This auto clicker is designed to click multiple set locations over and over again. If you are looking for a auto clicker that does other things, check out my home page to find a auto clicker that does the task you want it to perform.

Download link:

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  1. Samanmali Withana says


  2. Mike Duce says

    XD bruh hell nah get the fuck lol

  3. Danny S says

    i know im late but
    does it work on mac?

  4. AVRYGAMES says

    mac download please

  5. AVRYGAMES says


  6. Ori And Omer says

    Ty so much I've been looking around for a whole day to find this kind of auto clicker xd

  7. reformten boyreform says

    Hi sir you have auto clicker with recorder mouse and ghost clicker in 2 in 1 please let me know if you have… Can i request also make a auto ghost keyboard

  8. Trex says

    i need it ;-; so bad XD

  9. Ninja Phil says

    Is their a mac version?

  10. Meyer Thomas says

    sorry but virustotal shows some founds?

  11. Joseph Garton says

    is there a simple way to edit the colors of the clicker in autohotkey? i was thinking of changing it to a more simple look like black and white

  12. Jay L says

    Bro pls continue making more videos u inspire me

  13. Ziorky says

    But I'm still lost because I don't know how to click alot of time in one idk what's it called that one like – #1,#2,#4
    yeah and I don't know how…

  14. Ziorky says

    Just right what I needed.Thank you.

  15. burrfly says

    Wow! If i make a simple autoclicker with autohotkey i do this:

    Loop, 100
    MouseClick, Left

    but it does not click as fast as yours!
    how do you make that it clicks so fast?!

  16. MrCookie51 says

    Should do a 28 in 1 for runescape, don't know how hard it would be to do that but that would be awesome. Been using the 10-1 auto clicker and it works awesome! Thankyou

  17. Kyo98 says

    É verdade essa função é bastante usada em jogos on-line lembro ter visto esse script mais acho que era pixel search mais e bem parecido ainda tento aprender.

  18. mc_hd says

    Very cool

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