Back to Battlefield Bad company 1


Some lovely throwback to a game i never played

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  1. DANNYonPC says

    Back to Battlefield Bad company
    A throwback to a game i've never really played
    (Besides for the all map project)

  2. Very Violent says

    Its a damn shame this game didnt made it to PC. Best battlefield ever!!!!!!

  3. Predrag Durmisevic says

    Play fiends i m Sniper king bro.i love dis game my fouvrit game you ar kiiiiiiiiiing,king king King,
    like my pls 🙂

  4. Donari says

    Literally a frankie copy

  5. Mohammed Aso says

    Those voice commands are really stuck in my head

  6. rockinballer615 says

    Do people still play this game now?

  7. Wlad MX says

    Are servers still populated? Where do you think is the bigger playerbase on xbox or ps3?

  8. Trey Heywood says

    Wish people were still playing this

  9. Micky says

    The best Battlefield ever … also have some great videos in my channel😉

  10. MikeCharlieAlpha says

    This game was so good

  11. Stop Right There Criminal Scum says

    Eugh, that country jingle when the dog tags come up, disgusting.

  12. A toda madre says

    Howitzer was so OP and the best reason to play BFBC

  13. Dingus says

    man this game was so much fun, too bad they never made a PC version. I want to go back and play it but the frame rate and no kb+m support would ruin it

  14. Kronickillness Nikolaos says

    How the actual fuck is this one SHIT ABSOLUTELY TRASH GARBAGE but the 2nd one sequel is like amazing! I hope that's wtf is going on now with bfv gtfo is like badco1 only play for story cuz I wsss only able to spawn 1x and there was a fuckin tank camping on my base and I couldn't do fuck ALL! Literally couldn't even respawn! WTF that games such a broken mess on par with pubg in its xb1 trial lmao and then bfbc1 I hated that game when it came out waited for a sale and omg was I happy I got badco2 replaced codmw2 for me I was going to replaced it but they only had new and I was NOT paying twice for mw2 full price lol so I got badco2 n was a bf vet fan ever since cuz I liked it on pc I enjoyed 1942/3 & the bf2 the console version was broken af too. But now there going for all looks n no gameplay which wss what made badco2 so great they need return to those roots and just take that game and make it look good and keep the new movement systems and better controls. Quit dumbing it down to bf1 smh it's been getting worse since hardline n now battlefr9nt jus as bad so I'm losing faith that we will Ever get another great badco3&4 smh maybe dice should say fuck ea and self PUBLISH call it no battle field and make it bad company's or something n learn from mistakes don't keep dokng them n listen to the community not tell us to fuck off n call us uneducated ffs.

  15. Nathan Wygal says

    This game was so much fun. Team killing was so hilarious. When my dad used to watch me play this game he'd always tell me to team kill lol. But, this game was a major hoot to play seriously as well. The games would last so freaking long and the maps were GIGANTIC. A lot of damn fun. Loved this and BF3.

  16. Haris Shakil says

    What are you playing this on? I thought bad company 1 was dead.

  17. Zombie Rofl says

    1:20 classic!

  18. Vincent M says

    can not wait to get my copy back and try this out. loved this and bad company 2 back in the day. i hope it is more playable than 2 sad to say

  19. EpicDonutDude says

    I miss this game soooo much

  20. Because Fuck You says

    So this is what the game looks like… cool

  21. TheMister1752 says

    that trophy sound tho

  22. InFlamesor12 says

    I recognized harvest day and oasis. Amazing that so many maps were actually reused in bc2 lol…come to think of it, a lot of the stuff has been reused in bc2.

  23. Mister Smith says

    One of the very best Battlefield games IMO.

  24. Matt Bennie says

    Why did you not really play? This game was amazing

  25. OUCHIExDAxEL1TE says

    yay Danny ❤️❤️

  26. holy merkin says

    I'm so tempted to whip out bad company 2 player on xbone… is the community still thriving?

  27. Ravic SN says


  28. Brock Schowalter says

    Other than the aliasing the graphics are still great to this day

  29. Megu says

    harmonica intensifies

  30. Phoenix007 Gaming says

    Great to see some footage from such an old title! Some funny bits in there too! Well done to all the people who took part!!

  31. Phoenix007 Gaming says

    Great to see some footage from such an old title! Some funny bits in there too! Well done to all the people who took part!!

  32. Kelvin Nwaoyo says

    With the amount of Bad Company videos on Youtube, it's almost too easy to call now.

  33. ThatGamerGuyNL says

    that FOV is soooo low

  34. sonyviva308 says

    3:35 "Hey guys JackFrags here"

  35. Barfing Chicken says

    I hate how accidentally damaging a teammate makes you lose points. I love how you just can't damage teammates anymore.

  36. - S I L V A - says

    BC2 was still better imo

  37. Simon Rodriguez says

    Thanks a lot for this video Danny! It has always saddened me that other big bf youtubers wouldnt cover this game with proper game footage, just because it wasnt out on PC. I love this game as much as BC2, and I have so many great memories of it! This was my first introduction to what is still one of my favorite gamemodes, rush!

  38. akkun says


  39. sonyviva308 says

    Finally someone uploaded this in 2017!! I've been searching for a weapons comparison from this to BC2. Can somebody make that?

  40. Motion says


  41. Ben Morrow says

    Jesus that FOV

  42. Mr. Provocative says

    Major nostalgia going on

  43. Vulkan says

    That anoying sound is from the game? when you win tag or something ? omfg … bruh

  44. Jacob Bulpitt says

    100 % not bad company 1

  45. Purple & Black says

    Harvest Day, Oasis.

  46. Stickbo says

    This game made me switch to console for a while, it was so fucking fun. The golf carts, the radios, the music. It was just so fun. Every battlefield after this ramped up the cheese 10 fold. From a stats standpoint bf1 is my best game by a huge margin, but I fucking hate it. I sucked cock at bc1(controller noob) but I loved it.

  47. Redjkeee says


  48. Creeps says

    Why do people do this

  49. sickleandsuckle says

    Now this is a game that had bad ADS spread especially on the MGs. Like holy shit.

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