Banking Sector Dynamics and Current Outlook – WealthWise Webinar Series – Episode 5


Today on #WealthWiseWithEdelweiss, we have Raj Jha and Jigar Jani talking about the factors and ratios to study before investing in banks. This episode of the webinar sheds some light on the Banking Sector Dynamics & discusses the current outlook, as well as medium and long term prospects for the sector.

Mr Jigar Jani, the Principal Analyst at Research, Edelweiss Wealth Management, begins the session by giving a thorough explanation of the balance sheet of the Indian Banking System.
He covers the concepts of assets and liabilities in the banking sector.
He has also compared the balance sheet of public banks and private banks.

As we move further, Mr Raj Jha, Head of the Banking Vertical, Research at Edelweiss Wealth Management discusses the impact of COVID 19 on the Banking Industry. He breaks his explanation down in 3 parts: Growth, Asset Quality and view of the researchers.

The episode is concluded with a ‘Q&A’ session, where both the speakers answer some of the questions asked by the viewers.

Watch the full video to get a deep insight into the dynamics of the banking sector and how it has been affected by the COVID 19 outbreak.

Time Stamps:
1:00 – Jigar Jani on Balance Sheet of Indian Banking System
12:40 – Discussion on the Market Share of Private Banks
15:15 – Profit & Loss Statement of Indian Banking Industry
22:30 – Summary
25:05 – Raj Jha on COVID 19 impact on the Indian Banking Sector
33:00 – Q&A Session

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