Battlefield Bad Company 2: Best Moments (BFBC2 Funny & Epic Moments)


A compilation of fails, glitches, random and epic moments from Battlefield Bad Company 2. If you enjoyed the video, like, share and subscribe! Thanks for watching.

After this game was made compatible with Xbox One, i decided to play it again. And I don´t regret it. Here are some of the highlights.

“Fun in a Bottle” Kevin MacLeod (
“Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod (
“Investigations” Kevin MacLeod (
“Fix You” Coldplay
“The House of Leaves” Kevin MacLeod (
“Paper Planes” M.I.A.
“Ranz des Vaches” Rossini
“All This” Kevin MacLeod (


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  1. Tania PALAVECINO says

    1:18 duuude this caught me so offguard

  2. Psix says

    0:35 Skyrim

  3. TexasDragon 1995 says

    I still remember shooting down a helicopter from across the map with an RPG. Good memories with this game :,(

  4. ChaoticSmiley says

    I still play almost daily on xbox, best game to play!

  5. KᗩᑎᗴKI says

    Playing battfield bad compagnie psn.


  6. Jeffrey O says

    Still active in 2020?

  7. Jeffrey O says

    This is one of the few games i loved the most to play of al time

  8. Paul MakeupAddict says

    the legit that has truly in v5.20 my opinion iz – 𝓔𝓧𝓟𝓞𝓢𝓔𝓒𝓗𝓔𝓐𝓣𝓢.𝓒𝓞𝓜

  9. OhItsThat says

    Ive been driven so far from Battlefield Im not sure I could make a return of Bad Co 3 came out. Such a shame cause seeing videos of Bad Co makes me wanna play.

  10. Gold Man says

    I wish they add this game to PS4/PS5 and make a Battlefield BadCompany 3 ! This was my favorite game it was so good

  11. The Whiz Kid says

    One of the best games I have ever played, even within a 10 year span

  12. Dan Spry says

    Oh look its modern warfare

  13. leroymanoza says

    gave me a good laugh, it was it this moment, when he knew, he F'd up… hahahahaha

  14. Ethan Blevins says

    Ngl jealous of some of these guys

    Never got to play bc2 Nam

  15. Don Holbert says

    God I miss this game so much.

  16. محمد مدادحة says

    I will try to fixed you

  17. Thomas Leandro says

    Vamos jogar um squad!!! Meu nick e thomthom0908!!!

  18. Stone Heads Group says

    Repair tool is the funniest weapon to kill someone with. You even get a trophy for killing a few people with the drill, at least on the PS3 version there is

  19. 緑の剣士 says

    maivesuto memori!!

  20. Evan Kadyszewski says

    Hahaha remember doing this all the time

  21. Roman Hebert says

    1:21 1:31 Problem Fixed. 😅

  22. KRIS BF says

    Bc2 ….this is fu*kn awesome

  23. Janel Villar says

    I play This Game Now..

  24. Kálmán Roland says

    You made me laugh a lot of times 😀 I still playing it on xbox. (R0LCSI) 🙂

  25. oswaldony Gamer says

    you keep playing i do loved lol

  26. SeYan Official says

    2:52 haha

  27. Haven't Been Born Yet says

    Perfect use of Coldplay. It was the kind of editing I would have done.

  28. В гостях у Тимура says

    Oh, shit! 0% HP, HOW? Ah what the fuck ever. xD

  29. Alex - 48 says

    Este video esta en español y todos los comentarios en ingles… xD

  30. urbansoldier1 says

    still playing it since 2011for a lot of hours 🎖 … .. come visit the oldman gaming server for map harvestday .. allways fun!

  31. منوعات شروحات Divers Explications says

    1:54 name songe ??

  32. Alerty afk says

    mano teu nome é marcelo,ce é br…

  33. Moze SANO says

    such a classic

  34. Ali Harsini says

    I hardly resist to not playing BCB2

  35. Grove Peate says

    Still running mods I see.

  36. Elmeri Keitaa says

    Best game ever made!

  37. Pepino Flotante says

    como se llama la cancion del minuto 2:00?

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