Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Funtage! (BFBC2 TROLLS & LOLS)


Hi guys, the best Battlefield game ever! Today It’s BFBC2 Adventures! Enjoy
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I was playing Bad Company 2 quite a lot recently and It’s still my favorite Battlefield game! BF1 is gonna be dope too, but BFBC2 is just memories for me and the best Battlefield I have played. Enjoy this gaming video montage / trolltage / funtage.
Let me know If you want more 😀

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam
Battlefield funny moments gameplay
Bad Company 2 BFBC2 funny moments
Funny Battlefield Adventures
Battlefield trolling snipers
Funny Gaming Video Montage


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  1. we still playing in 2019 and we want to make a big Facebook group for the BBC2 Fans

  2. Remember when everybody hated this game? Now its the most popular, Hardline will be the same. Everyone hated it at first, now people are slowly starting to like it, and it will be just like bc2

  3. I still remember when the demo of this came out. I was stunned by the graphics and fluid movements, and have never been so disappointed in a game before or since. I remember using a sniper, and getting nothing but hit markers before I was killed time and time again. I saw so much potential, but absolutely no sense of accomplishment. Really soured me to the whole Battlefield franchise which I now regret, because BF4 is an awesome game and my best game investment.


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