Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Funtage! (BFBC2 TROLLS & LOLS)


Hi guys, the best Battlefield game ever! Today It’s BFBC2 Adventures! Enjoy
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I was playing Bad Company 2 quite a lot recently and It’s still my favorite Battlefield game! BF1 is gonna be dope too, but BFBC2 is just memories for me and the best Battlefield I have played. Enjoy this gaming video montage / trolltage / funtage.
Let me know If you want more 😀

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam
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  1. obbzerver says

    Love C4'ing tanks – BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  2. a.rahman f.fawzan says

    Dislike for the worst music ever… The original sound of the game is perfect… Why use music??!!

  3. Пажилой котяра says

    4:24 Guy say: Here are morrons

  4. Cragmortis says

    I love it when you're hurt and a medic literally runs to you to throw you a medkit.

  5. abdul wahab says

    BATTLEFIELD with legit russians

  6. Games mr_10 says

    Good Video👍🏻👍🏻😍😍👏👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂

  7. PITBULL says

    4:39 song ? Pls

  8. tigrodim says

    Так ты русский

  9. alirwez061 says

    People are busy playing bf1 and recently bfv and this guy here in 2016 is just uploading BC2 videos 🤣

  10. Stone Heads Group says

    This happened twice to me: my team won but the screen said we lost

  11. Argengamer Yt says

    Nostalgia :') Who is actually playing?

  12. John_Wick4U David says we still playing in 2019 and we want to make a big Facebook group for the BBC2 Fans

  13. WITE FOX says

    Haha scrub

  14. BGB says

    When Battlefield was good

  15. ErickyFx says

    How to put 800×600 in this game?, the my back to 1024×768 and my PC is bad.

  16. Sinisa Matijevic says

    РОССИЯ !!!!

  17. Hucci Bear says

    4:38 увахахахахах

  18. ANBU BLACK Ops 883 says

    This makes me want to go back on the ps3 and play this game

  19. GrabthePistol says

    you should really try this for troll

  20. El Calucho says

    4.12 fucking bugs

  21. skog mose says

    how do youi gety so many points for your kills?

  22. Wobbly Pod says

    Top Notch entertainment.

  23. Drakov Beats says

    Lockdown theme song was as epic😂😂😂

  24. El Pequè says

    For the first part of the video I thought he was actually playing to the objective

  25. KKSniper138 says

    Song at 0:44?

  26. R3dsnow 75 says

    Joli joli, beautiful trololo

  27. Player 1 says

    ok that was funny

  28. Nick G says

    Eyyy I actually recognize some players in the video even today

  29. Unknown says

    Best fuckin game ever!!! Love bc2

  30. khomsan 2409 says

    2017 Are you still playing?
    Because I see the name( lnvalid)

  31. reazzon flex says

    Кек русский)

  32. Mikko Aaltonen says

    this is some good editing, lol

  33. arshak jsl says


  34. usernamesrlamo says

    Tracer darts were the shit

  35. Dream Of the Free says

    0:35 "guerilla warfare much?"

  36. Daequan Ilys. says

    Remember when everybody hated this game? Now its the most popular, Hardline will be the same. Everyone hated it at first, now people are slowly starting to like it, and it will be just like bc2

  37. Noorullah Rahmani says

    Russkhof i u hacker

  38. Богдан Шпалянский says

    ты русский ?

  39. Aaron Suckow says

    I wish they would remaster bf2bc for pc and ps4

  40. Tuba says


  41. Baba Loo70 says

    your videos are fucken funny ass shit 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  42. Mymemo_0 says

    u r one of my favorite youtubers

  43. Silvereagle90000 says

    I still remember when the demo of this came out. I was stunned by the graphics and fluid movements, and have never been so disappointed in a game before or since. I remember using a sniper, and getting nothing but hit markers before I was killed time and time again. I saw so much potential, but absolutely no sense of accomplishment. Really soured me to the whole Battlefield franchise which I now regret, because BF4 is an awesome game and my best game investment.

  44. M.Sirkhoth says

    Is the tracer and the rocket launcher a hack?

  45. sara mohamed says

    ممكن اعرف باتل فيلد كام GB

  46. Sebastian Zuñiga M says

    how do u use they tracer fin with they RPG??? i cannot ver ir work yo me…

  47. meowh4rd says

    А ты че русский ???

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