Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Snowblind (Mission 6) Campaign Walkthrough (Hard Difficulty) Part 1 of 2


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  1. banen Stars جيش says


  2. My'Racle Brown says

    I still cant get past the helicopter

  3. Tarvin Leo says

    Saved my days

  4. piya agrwal says

    Dude I can't destroy the helicopter

  5. Mouhamad Jalloul says

    thank you

  6. Metal Pizza Dude says

    On hard difficulty, is the single player campaign 15 hours?

  7. Titan Wood says

    I have this game in PC but so lag.Are you play on Playstation

  8. Koweden says

    Lol I get amused seeing Youtubers have the reloading habit like myself.

  9. KenTerminatedbyGoogle says

    On the descend the mountain part, why do I keep dying??

  10. Rog jun says

    saved my day

  11. nba2k14 mvp says

    hey that was very helpful help bus i am fan

  12. QuadGamer says

    Helpppppp I cant shoot the helo down even on easy mode…. this mission is haaarrdd

  13. Lego guy says

    WHERE IS NUMBER 1?!?!?!

  14. jared fontaine says

    a gun that i like is the scar that gun kicks ass

  15. Pablo Alex says

    bc2 > bf3

  16. MrAbhisniper says

    hah ah 😛

  17. Ricky Jdamas says

    They hit it again!!!!!!!

  18. supoj makhirun says

    Yes ! I Not Know Way !

  19. Pablo Rodrigues says

    i already beat the mission but i cant find the moonstations… 🙁

  20. Pablo Rodrigues says

    Someone can help me to find the moonstations? i find only one on this mission.. im playing on hard too…

  21. Sommorex says

    i had been trying it for 10 times already… but after i saw your movie it worked…funny

  22. Gregory Rodriguez says

    es muy buen juego lo compre ayer y voy por la mision 6

  23. Bastii Albo says

    what is this ammo ?

  24. Dante Valdemarca says


  25. Dante Valdemarca says

  26. Humor Of Life says ,see my video and you will find it a lot easy

  27. Humor Of Life says,you would find it easy with my help in hard difficulty play

  28. mikesank21 says

    that was awsome!

  29. کانال تفریحی says

    i am stuck at the mission No one Gets Left Behind

  30. JeyVGaming says

    Bad company 2 campaign was not very exciting but i just hope Bad company 3`s campaign will be better 😉

  31. 0o0o099999 says

    snowblind? lol

  32. WEATHER44 says

    Great tip Thanks.

  33. WEATHER44 says

    This was very helpful.
    I just need to get quicker at shooting the rocket launcher.


  34. IH4T3H4T3R5 says

    The box reminds me of the rammstein album cover for Reise reise

  35. IH4T3H4T3R5 says

    warden marfare 2?

  36. Roni Norx says

    who know the reason why the game is lag when we see smoke , fire , explosion , and the snow ……… ?
    is it because the computer performance ?

  37. Azlan Khan says


  38. diego yanes says

    callateeeeeeee y solo juegaa .i.

  39. Branjasopia says

    At 1:50 you say to always stay in cover but you never do until you get to the right side.

  40. Joximus ART says

    what if i won't?

  41. Owais Jaffri says

    battlefield 3 is batter then this i played both……..

  42. Joximus ART says

    I have the cracked version of bc2 but when i finish the mission and enter the helicopter starts a cinematic and then the game crashes….ALWAYS!! Any solutions?

  43. ErraticAssasin0 says

    I noticed that Sarge, Sweets and Hags can't die. WAT

  44. ErraticAssasin0 says

    TOO TRUE. I'm practically scared stiff when descending mountain.

  45. al sharptone says

    I hit that fing copter 50 times head-on……will not go down……2 is getting like that copter in 1……COD I feel weapons more accurate….

  46. Christopher Graham says

    maybe on normal there is no gun crate

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