Battlefield Bad Company 2 – trololo Adventures (Bush Wookies, Madmins & Medic Troll)


Hello guys, take it however you want, but I was in tears in that last clip! And yes I know, I am an a$$hole! lel
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Cleaning my Bad Company 2 folder, some leftovers I got from playing it couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy!
Take that last clip, the way you want it, but I was in tears when me and my mates got it. Trollsquad never dies!

Special Thanks to my buddy Norry:

BFBC2 is still a fun game for me, even though servers are kind of screwed and there is bunch of uncool admins, I’m still having a lot of fun playing this game. It’s definitely my favorite Battlefield game! Now just waiting for BF1 to drop! XD

I hope you enjoy this lil gaming video montage / trolltage / funtage.
You will see in this BFBC2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 video:

Bad Company 2 BFBC2 funny moments gameplay
Battlefield Bad Company 2 trololo Adventures
BFBC2 trolling snipers aka bush wookies
BFBC2 kicked by butthurt mad admins
BFBC2 evil medic troll aka trollsquad
Funny Gaming Video Montage


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  1. What's the name of the cammo in this first video? (The enemy one)
    PS: I barelly played bad company 2 thats why i don't know

  2. Damn man, imagine having a squad of troll friends to play, so funny. I only play my games with strangers, or people that i meet ingame, last game i plaied with many friends was MW2, in like 2013, there was 4 of us i think.

  3. Я щас на постоянной основе бф4 катаю на одном и том же сервере где знают что я могу … и могут за чесность игры подтвердить… но что было до этой комфортой игры без киков и банов! СТОЛЬКО НИКОВ ПОМЕНЯЛ ЭТЖ ПИЗДЕЦ ПОЛНЫЙ! не бросай батлу 4 ещё есть над чем поржать поверь)
    при комфортонй игре на прямых рукках))))

  4. Привет! Точно! Вот откуда я тебя помню нашёл! Да это ты! Было дело на BBC 2

  5. You guys deserve to be banned. Using someone on the other team to keep rezzing is just griefing, not trolling. Drop dead assholes.


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