Battlefield Bad Company 2 – trololo Adventures (Bush Wookies, Madmins & Medic Troll)


Hello guys, take it however you want, but I was in tears in that last clip! And yes I know, I am an a$$hole! lel
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Cleaning my Bad Company 2 folder, some leftovers I got from playing it couple of weeks ago. Hope you enjoy!
Take that last clip, the way you want it, but I was in tears when me and my mates got it. Trollsquad never dies!

Special Thanks to my buddy Norry:

BFBC2 is still a fun game for me, even though servers are kind of screwed and there is bunch of uncool admins, I’m still having a lot of fun playing this game. It’s definitely my favorite Battlefield game! Now just waiting for BF1 to drop! XD

I hope you enjoy this lil gaming video montage / trolltage / funtage.
You will see in this BFBC2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 video:

Bad Company 2 BFBC2 funny moments gameplay
Battlefield Bad Company 2 trololo Adventures
BFBC2 trolling snipers aka bush wookies
BFBC2 kicked by butthurt mad admins
BFBC2 evil medic troll aka trollsquad
Funny Gaming Video Montage


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  1. Rico Mamou says

    The best bf ever 👌

  2. Eduardo David Capdevila says

    Fucking trolley epic shit. I cried with laughter.

  3. Stew Thomas says

    I miss this game.

  4. Ashuristan Nineveh says

    It was annoying yes, but not cheating duh 🤔

  5. Gábor Tóth says

    Asshole team

  6. ben45506 says

    Good aul lagswitch

  7. Михаил says

    Троллинг сквадов – дайте ему спокойно умереть 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Fulgore Killer says

    No cara deve ter o pior fone do universo

  9. paintballfuego says

    lol I used to troll as a medic, good times…. LoL I'm hopping on to troll right now 😉

  10. João Santos says

    What's the name of the cammo in this first video? (The enemy one)
    PS: I barelly played bad company 2 thats why i don't know

  11. Romick Vieira says

    Damn man, imagine having a squad of troll friends to play, so funny. I only play my games with strangers, or people that i meet ingame, last game i plaied with many friends was MW2, in like 2013, there was 4 of us i think.

  12. Max1982 says

    This reminds me why I left, 10 year old admins

  13. jeebuzcrust says

    My pokemon bitch… lmao… I miss BC2.

  14. vilsku mui says

    I have this game. This game is good hehehe.

  15. Isaac Chung says

    Lol, When noobs are frustrated from being killed by pros…..Kick everyone out

  16. Travis Tharp says

    Now that’s the best troll those kids where probably breaking everything in there house lol

  17. Turkiye Cumhuriyeti says

    What is the first song name

  18. Lush says

    4:43 rare footage of a Russian soldier defecting to us side

  19. Darth Maul says

    This game is so amazing the graphics everything I hope for a battlefield bad company 3

  20. ****LONE WOLF**** says

    111LONE WOLF111 is the best 😍 ❤ 👍

  21. Mohammed Taqa says

    6:23 oh my god 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. ****LONE WOLF**** says

    Best Game ever

  23. Дорофеев Сергей says

    я на кансоли ещё играл в те времена

  24. Дорофеев Сергей says

    Я щас на постоянной основе бф4 катаю на одном и том же сервере где знают что я могу … и могут за чесность игры подтвердить… но что было до этой комфортой игры без киков и банов! СТОЛЬКО НИКОВ ПОМЕНЯЛ ЭТЖ ПИЗДЕЦ ПОЛНЫЙ! не бросай батлу 4 ещё есть над чем поржать поверь)
    при комфортонй игре на прямых рукках))))

  25. Дорофеев Сергей says

    Привет! Точно! Вот откуда я тебя помню нашёл! Да это ты! Было дело на BBC 2

  26. masters2150 says

    You guys deserve to be banned. Using someone on the other team to keep rezzing is just griefing, not trolling. Drop dead assholes.

  27. Maritech17 says

    You guys are mental 😂😂😂😂😂. You’re funnier than anything on tv these days !

  28. God Of Helva says

    I want u to troll me 1 time :c

  29. visual land says

    how his hack aimbot jump on spot to kill —- hahahaha """ NO-SKILLER """

  30. skoda10 says

    that last clip was about 5 minutes too long to still be funny

  31. TheMajorPainTV says

    Statspadding knife kills …

  32. Михаил says


  33. HappyNanoq says

    I just love the soundeffects and laughs/humor. Sounds like you have great fun. Hehe.

  34. jhon paez says

    Nojoda…que vaina buena…eso de matar y revivir y vokver a matar….jajajaja

  35. Falmer says

    Сиськи… Конец!

  36. DimasBalbaeb says

    Сиськи пенис, больше никаких нельзя закончить видео)))))))

  37. Desti Rakal says

    Как он так точно стреляет навесиком с м2 кг? Чит какой-то

  38. Martin Kresta says

    love the sounds man! 😀

  39. Nitrox 416 says

    Best bf of last years…

  40. Алексей Алексеев says

    ahahhahhahhahaha !!!!!! ++++

  41. War Robots Polska says


  42. Politically Incorrect says

    Best Game!

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