Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gun Sounds of ALL Weapons


Check out all the weapons from Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion!

All Weapons List :

00:00 M1911
00:17 TT-33
00:35 M16
00:51 AK-47
01:08 PPSh-41
01:23 UZI
01:38 M10

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01:54 Thompson
02:11 M14
02:28 M1 Garand
02:51 M60
03:13 RPK
03:33 XM22
04:01 M21
04:16 SVD
04:29 M40
04:47 870 MCS
04:58 M79
05:10 RPG-7
05:33 TNT
05:52 AT Mine
06:26 M2 Flamethrower
06:46 Frag

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  1. TheGoldenCaulk says

    Well that's weird, the SVD in this game has a straight magazine which would imply it's modeled after the .308 version of the Chinese SVD copy, which didn't exist until at least the 80s.

  2. Mowee Westy says

    Back when the Frostbite engine was not as advanced as today's

  3. steve superstar says

    the vietnamese dont need to charge their weapons …. they already have the soviet power

    Ho CHI MINH will kick ur ass

  4. soviet games says

    Man you can’t hold a ppsh like that wtf

  5. Ward Collier says

    I miss this😭

  6. soviet games says

    The way the guy hold the ppsh is a mistake it’s dangerous, it’s supposed to be hold by the drum mag

  7. Mad Dog Entertainment says

    the muscular bandage wrapped hands with the tactical watch is truly sexy

  8. Chris Yunge says

    Want to know why the pesspective of the weapons is so true in these older games, its because the idiot's developing the new games are using gopro, that's why the arms and hands look 10 ft long and the sights especially the blade sight is so far away and the gun looks so fragile and skinny, bad foreshortening, it's as if there are 2 planes, 2 vanishing points, one for the game background and one for the player, the first normal to the eye the latter ridiculously grotesque extension, the eye a focusing unit, up close will be blurry as the eye either sweeps or concentrates of finding aim point, the gun stays withing foreshortened parameters, it's like the creators are combining 2 different perspectives, get rid of gopro except for maps. The best suggestion for a true perspective on weapons, go to forgotten weapons with ian mccollough, hope I spelled that right, quit drawing guns from gopros, the lens is not your eye, advise, barrel length shorter heavier and reciever slightly blurred with sight picture clear and background clear, youre making the guns look weak and puny including tank barrels.

  9. JULIÁN says

    I want a new game in vietnam

  10. Grade E Quality says

    Sounds and graphics hold up so well

  11. Hell Raiser says

    No RPD , M63A Stoner , M1891/30 Mosin Nagant , M37 Feather Light, Colt Comando, SKS , MAS-39, Markov PM that's a disappointment.

  12. Angel Comrade says

    What a bad sounds omg,and the weapons are large

  13. Duy 8975 says

    OMG vietnam game

  14. Netko Nešto says

    Hammers on the pistols are in the wrong position.

  15. Ishaaq Ansar says

    I started a subreddit called bfbc2vietnamxbox so we can organise full scale vietnam matches on the xbox please join

  16. Giuliano Stilli says

    Is there a lot of people playing bad company 2 on PC?

  17. ConFall says

    They're not in the sky
    They're in the Trees

  18. Ismael German says

    That's the worst weapons animations I ever seen in a Battlefield game.

  19. An Arbitrary Snail says

    Why the spent casings coming out of the muzzle and the end of th barrel

  20. JH Hooligan says

    Who else feels the animations were a bit half assed

  21. Sean Naz says


  22. Ahzi Synth says

    game is terrible and rushed

  23. Selim Boulaaba says

    the clouds are not gonaa move :/

  24. Nick G says

    I like the sounds and all but who the hell holds a 1911 like that? You wouldn't hit shit lol

  25. Fajita meat with seasoning says

    I sucked at this game so much but I enjoyed playing it.

  26. jason200912 says

    what's with the bandages on the ak47? Also they messed up the RPK shell ejection

  27. Keenan Almestica says

    Wehrcome to ricefierd muddahasshole

  28. Pii says

    Những thứ chết chóc mà chiến tranh đã mang lại cho nhau : )

  29. Sony Ultimate Exception says

    I play this all day in NEMOSKAL V server and i am the Admin in there 😉
    Lo juego siempre je

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