Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 2: Heart of Darkness Part 1 HD


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This is a video walkthrough of the Chapter 2: Heart of Darkness (PT. 1/2) in the intense war first-person shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3!

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  1. I've been looking at some of the comments and I feel that nobody is concerned that those military or Spec Ops guys were being flown by a civilian.

  2. @Ileikturtles1 oh i see.. the guy changed the name of the video.. when i posted that comment the name of the video was "Battlefield 3"

  3. is this the same battlefield of that trailer that just came out like 3/4 months ago? of the guy flying away from that truck?

  4. I've played a good majority of the CoD games, including the MW extensions and Black Ops. I actually prefer the in-battle dialogue of this game to CoD. I think it's funnier and a bit more realistic. At least a lot of what they are saying is what I'm saying in my head. 😀


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