Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough – Chapter 8: Sangre Del Toro Part 1 HD


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This is a video walkthrough of the Chapter 8: Sangre Del Toro (PT. 1/5) in the intense war first-person shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3!

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  1. banen Stars جيش says

    Im hakkkkkkkker thes bid

  2. Sun Moon says

    Guy's sorry to say It's so easy to play, it's a technique

  3. Colin Blaas says

    wel obliviously you are playing easy cuz those helicopters aint hitting for shit, im dead as soon as they get here

  4. joeycommet45 says

    Teamates are useless
    Gets picked off by sniper
    Checkpoints are more spread out than a whore's ass cheeks
    Spawns back at the blown up truck

  5. nutella drifter says

    7:00 teleporting chopper detected.

  6. nutella drifter says

    Running up right to the citadel looks like a good tactic.

  7. O.W says

    those 2 helicopters were really a pain in the ass

  8. WatchTheWorldBurn Pepe says


  9. Sebirocs says

    more like "mierda del toro" i hate this mission i just keep dying

  10. никита крупкин says

    чувак ну ты псих))) мало того что на консоле играешь ещё и на пролом идешь уважаю!!))) только не много обидно точто такой singlplayer сделали((( это конечно минус!!! но такто игрушка хорошая я её за день прошел на сложном))

  11. Angelina Dash says

    I HATE IT when ppl dip walkthroughs, CAN'T SHOOT FOR SHIT! this person probably has never played this game before, i could tell that he/she is not used to the realistic recoil of the weapons. This is what gets most DUMASSES, who think they can get away with their pussy ass "spray and pray" tactics.

  12. Gray Fox says

    cool game 

  13. WendigoYT says

    Would've kept me from dying in the game

  14. OjJb says

    Very good

  15. Slaschur says

    3:01 Rock: apply directly to the forehead.

  16. Meriones says

    Is this walk-through for the hardest difficulty?

  17. CookieeMonstarr666 says

    no prone no quick save.. god! only pros can play..

  18. VmanMaslov says

    There would be sooo much more campers…

  19. Alex Watkins says

    haggards a better shot than Marlowe

  20. bobert4343 says

    im still trying to figure out what the splody boxes are

  21. InfiniteAA says

    this mission reminds me of a shipwreck in the sand by silverstein

  22. myzackfair01 says

    i got stuck at using the rpg to shoot the helicop….

  23. lozallen345 says

    @xVLADx45 Same as me , it took me ages to destroy those choppers i was playing on easy mode as well

  24. Younes Berrada says

    @BEARARMZ what is prone ? please tell me

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