Battlefield: Bad Company – Campaign – Acta Non Verba – Part 1 of 2


This is my Battlefield: Bad Company walkthrough.
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This dasuberpoop video will show you:
How to play Battlefield: Bad Company
How to beat Battlefield: Bad Company
How to find all collectibles in Battlefield: Bad Company
How to find all gold bars in Battlefield: Bad Company
How to get achievements and trophies in Battlefield: Bad Company
Played on the PS3. Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR.


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  1. SouthiePlays says

    I think you're the only person that actually made a good Walkthrough on this game. I mean, more than half of the other walkthroughs are played by noobs who die on easy and can't play the game at all. Maybe they should learn the word "practice" so they can do it before the video.

  2. Terrorkekx says

    The Sound design is insanely good…Just listening without looking makes your head spin…

  3. William Yang says

    The sarge sounds like Wesley Willis

  4. Tony Chen says

    They do The professionals job and when they come they're all like wtf! No enemies!

  5. megatech2431 says

    Rock,Paper,Scissors! Who will win?

  6. blazegunshark says

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. alpha568 says

    'I can hear you Sweetwater, but you're doing a fine job'

    'She… knows my name'


  8. DerTerminator11 says

    Hey I would like to know how you got the shot in HD, because I been playing on the Ps3 and I do not know how I can include it in HD: (

  9. dasuberpoop says

    That might mean you have a dirty mind. 😀

  10. nejinaji says

    i thought those barrels looked unsafe in that truck bed.

  11. dasuberpoop says

    I would agree with that

  12. Jestin Hall says

    aek971 aekota > xm8 P> m416

  13. dasuberpoop says

    I will

  14. dasuberpoop says

    It's awesome 🙂

  15. dasuberpoop says

    I wish they had dogtags in the Campaign just like in the multiplayer.

  16. A_Rabid_Pigeon says

    get those dogtags das!

  17. kitandrei says

    Luve this game 🙂

  18. Daniel Kuberek says

    yes! another campaign video 🙂 you should upload more stuff from bad company 1, online and stuff 🙂

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