Battlefield: Bad Company – Frostbite Engine Trailer


Get behind the doors of Battlefield: Bad Company with DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson as he leads you through the new Frostbite game engine. With commentary from his colleagues, the true depth and potential of Frostbite is revealed through exclusive gameplay. See how each part of the Frostbite engine was designed to bring the out even the smallest details and mesh it all into one unique experience. Each piece of the Frostbite engine was built to deliver a full, specific experience to the player, including sounds, physics, gameplay, and of course, destruction! Using in game footage, DICE shows off the multiple ways in which the Frostbite game engine is leading the way for the next generation of console shooters.


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  1. 12 years later.
    Battlefield 5. Same scripted destructions with only slight improvement over Bad Company 1 and 2. Graphics that have only 4 advantages over Battlefront 2015, which only had 3 advantages over Battlefield 4, which only had 2 advantages over Battlefield 3.
    Extremely hard to work with, which caused a lot of games that came out in the past couple of years to be extremely mediocore or just straight up bad.
    That's the deal.

  2. the dynamic lighting and shadows and shit isn't a huge technical challenge
    you just get your normal matrix by transposing the inverse of the model matrix, to remove the translation vector and then upload it to a shader program

  3. dynamic my ass, all there destruction engine is is a trigger that plays the animation of the destruction. its not different every time.

  4. Well you guys kinda screwed up around BF 3, we want everything to be destructable, like in Bad Company 2, not take down a special kind of wall destructable, like in BF3-4 !

  5. its funny Denmark has like a friendly rivalry with sweden – and there is actully a law that says: if the sea between sweeden and denmark ever freeses – and a sweed walks across – you are allowed to beat him with a stick ^^(not kiding)

  6. Look at how much the company has changed? Can you imagine them doing something like this for BF4? I wish BFBC1 got more respect and attention. It was, after all, the first Frostbite game.

  7. only red faction guerilla have engine can destroy building as same as or more than frostbite engine (and that just one game, not one series)


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