Behind the Scenes – Animator vs. Animation IV


DOWNLOAD THE iPHONE VIDEO (and prank your friends?):
I used Adobe Flash for the animation, Adobe Premiere for the editing, and Adobe After Effects for the intense editing. The tablet you see me using in the video is my sister’s Wacom Intuos4, but the one I actually use is a smaller, older Wacom Graphire CTE-440.
The camera I used was a Canon Vixia HF G20, and the mic I used was a Samson C03U. I edited sounds using Audacity.


If you have Adobe Flash and want a TRUE behind-the-scenes look, I am offering downloads of the original source files on my website, $20-$30:

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  1. Why is there 1.2k dislikes?! Probably from people who can’t even animate or just jealous, you worked long and hard to make an amazing animation but there is gonna be people to disagree

  2. imagine making 14min animation for 11months. now, this guy cares so much in animation and to his content. amazing.

  3. I will back you can you go to Philippines please and bring your store to the Philippines in March because I want it in the Philippines when there's no Marcona by voice

  4. Best satisfying video I’ve ever seen! Love it that u made a behind the scenes vid! I watched the original vid after watching the behind the scenes bc it popped up on my home feed. I would never have the patience to do such a cool vid! I love it and have watched it maybe 5 times already!


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