[Behind the Scenes]Hyun Bin & Son Ye-jin can’t stop teasing each other|Crash Landing on You[ENG SUB]


Can’t move on from CRASH LANDING ON YOU? Neither can we. Here’s more behind the scenes footage from the second half of the shoot, including cameos by Kim Soo-hyun and Choi Ji-woo, and farewell messages from the cast 👋😢❤️

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  1. Whether they are dating or are just good friends I just love to see Hyun Bin & Son je yin together. They have an effortless chemistry and are just so comfortable & happy around each other💜

  2. Seo dan and gu seung really deserved better. Seo Dan loved Ri for 10 years and got nothing but hurt and seung jun never wanted to be a conman until his father was betrayed by seri's dad and he was always been chased and beaten up but he still put up an optimistic face and was very soft-hearted. Both of them deserved happiness and they would have found that in each other if gu seung jun was not killed. But in the end, it breaks my heart that they lived such a hard life and still got a bitter ending.

  3. i love watching CLOY behind scenes cause from here u can see how they care for each other and i love the sweetness of hyun bin and son hye jin😍😍😍😍

  4. I love how Hyun Bin is so respectable towards women. You can see when Son Ye-Jin was jumping on him or giving him tight hugs on the rehearsals or during shooting of that post-paragliding scene, whenever Hyun understood that scene is not going in the show, he didn't touch Son Ye-Jin. He kept his hands off her and didn't show any clingy move rather he chose not to touch her by her waist. That scene made me a fan of him cause we don't really see such modesty among actors these days. Everyone is so touchy and there's Hyun Bin who didn't even touch his ex/coworker unnecessarily.

  5. When I was a teenager I used to get jealous of the female leads that got to kiss the boys that I had a crush on. It ruined the experience for me. Now, I just love seeing couples that have great chemistry together. I have such a crush on Kim Jung Hyun but I ship his character so hard with Ji hye. I guess it's part of growing up but I'm just so happy with that progress.

    This show is/was/will be perfection to the max!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. Some serious seems like dragged too much, and could have ended soon, Example Boys over flowers, continuity was confusing. Crush landing ended perfect, in fact, it should have continued more, since Son Ye-Jin's flawless acting. She can cry, she can laugh, she can be in between everything a character demands. All beautifully done, Best Wishes to you Son Ye-Jin (Though she should gain weight as she grows older) Paramasivam


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