Best 2 Armies to 3 Star Every Town Hall 8 Base in Clash of Clans | Clan War Attack Strategy Guide


Best 2 Armies to 3 Star Every Town Hall 8 Base in Clash of Clans | Clan War Attack Strategy Guide

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  1. I'm having a BLAST in Reloaded. I'm a beast at lower townhall levels , but this account was too low for war in my other clans. Thank you Jo for featuring my attack!

  2. If anyone wants to come join my clan feel free we need more members for war n stuff it’s 1200 required trophy’s and th8 clan name is NEON we need active players in clan chat

  3. Regarding the clan, I sent a request but it got declined, how so? I’m a new th8 trying to get 3 stars and help from a clan

  4. With the dragons I use instead of an earthquakespell a poison, in the clancastle I use loons and a haste. With the cc troops and the haste I try to destroy a airdefense more.

  5. Thanks a lot @clash attacks with Jo ur video helped me a lot I tried the dragon attack in war n I got 3 stars on a max th8

  6. Personally i use 13 valks 13 wizards 1 golem for tanking 1 barb king for tanking 4 wall breakers and 4 archers

  7. Enjoyed this video Jo. PDXR Looks tough, great attacks yall.
    Keep bringing this lower th content. It is slowly making me want to start a new village lol

  8. It’s great that you did a video on us at pdx reloaded,I been here a couple of weeks now and it’s a great active clan with lots of help and advice and a great leadership set up with Ophelia melons and the co’s. We get visitors from the main paradox clan and enigma who help with donations and always lots of friendly challenges and advice on how to better your attacks,if your looking to get better at the game and need a clan this is the place to be 💪🏻


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