Better Stacia Asuna? Under Sunny Skies Scout In Sword Art Online Memory Defrag


The new Ravenous Darkness Piercing Blue Skies Guild Ranking Event is here and with this new event comes a new banner! The new banner Under Sunny Skies features a new Alice called Morning Camisole Alice! Is she worth scouting for?


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  1. Hay kaz u r missing 2 HELLA important thing
    1 is new alice recovery mp for HOLY ONLY
    2 is alice ss3 cost 150 mp

  2. 5:29 I got her in a single pull you should try it and also when I got flower but it not night time,still I got the character from the scout it is normal a or bug?Also I wish you the best of luck,for the rest of the scout

  3. I'm happy on my ACC, I have new eugeo and Kirito and both of their swords. Stacia Asuna and her sword. Just got Asuna on Trinity godess summon

  4. Time for spending memory diamonds now and hello ? i just got the new alice but, she needs 150 to use her attack's that's kinda like… a total waste of mp to fight.

  5. In combination with stacia asuna and a bow Dual blade units almost unlimeted mp 🙂 the cost for ss3 are high but don't forget she gives herself mp too

  6. I swear , this new Alice gonna be op in this Holy ranking event , not sure about in holy RE
    U can replace goddess Stacia with Alice , though it cost 150mp/ss3 , ouch. I think u might need upgrade 4 times for extra mp instead of damage?

  7. Last Night I Scouted on my other 4 accounts for SAO MD I got Nothing but on my Main Account I got The New Alice on My First Step nice

  8. We love you bald Kaz and the new alice is aweosme! Got her on the first try!❤ Good Luck to all the guilds in the guild ranking event❤❤❤❤


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