Bloxburg SECRETS You Didn't Know!


♡ hii glow gang, in this video i do part 2 of bloxburg secrets you didn’t know from roblox welcome to bloxburg! remember to hit the notification bell to see videos better!

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  1. Faeglow says

    i better start seeing a pickaxe-carrying glow gang army in bloxburg servers soon (;

    if you did know lots of this consider yourself a bloxburg pro! i personally went around and filmed for a while to find stuff that wasn't already in part 1, but hope you glowies enjoyed!

  2. Danik-Roblox says


  3. Anna Moraca says

    far: you can watch the sunrise at around 6 or 7 me: huh i should do that irl. also me: watching this at 2:30 am

  4. Lance Andrei Salazar says

    Your house is so cool im so jealous xd

  5. _nemu.official_ loves koalas says

    Literally nobody:
    Not a single human:
    me being confused and not knowing that “throwing away trash” was a thing

  6. Minahilplayz says

    Not bloxburg any more

  7. Magiical says

    GLOW! <3 I did it! 😀

  8. Annixa says

    Here's a secret The Club Has 2 floors

  9. Tink says

    “So you can terrorize your friends with a pickaxe…”

    casually drives bike into river 😂

  10. BANG PINK says

    Most of these aren't secrets anymore.

  11. Sonia Knight says

    Wait. Can someone please nominate faeglow for the most prettiest intro?

  12. ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍ says

    Bloxburg? Don't know her. I only know House Building Simulator.

  13. Jodie says

    hey! is it possible for you to build me an aesthetic house on bloxburg! it’s perfectly fine if you can’t! the game passes i have are basement and advanced placing and i’m getting multiple floors or premium soon!

  14. TeddyBear .gachax says

    Did it

  15. TeddyBear .gachax says


  16. E.F. Lazare says


  17. Naomi Alexia says

    Its now Home Building Simulator with Tom dabbing…WOW!😳

  18. GameReview says

    Stop ignoring your fans!!!!!

  19. Butterfinger says

    Love ur vids I have been subbed for 2 days now I love watching your videos

  20. Afton Family says

    Bloxburg secrets you may not know if you play on pc

    mobile players can’t see the trash cans and the little bench park thing in the middle

  21. Evita Duman says


  22. ii_moonxstar says


  23. Starxytrois says


  24. Amy-yt says

    you so cute

  25. • a • m • e • l • i • a • says


  26. Ambereens says

    do you ever play bloxburg when your not filming???

  27. Abbie’s Roblox World says


  28. Pepperidge Farm says

    That sounds so cute!! >3<
    Little noob band!!

  29. veronica soriano says

    I don't have robux or bloxburge 🤧😭😭😭😭

  30. Destiny Ceron says

    Can u build me a house🥺 Bell_136

  31. brooklyn jacobi says

    I love you 😘

  32. Livy livs says

    I love you roblox videos so very much!✨

  33. WonderfullyBella says

    pickaxe-carrying glow gang exist o.O

  34. RxseySunset says

    When I play bloxburg (I play on an iPad) those dumpsters behind pizza planet aren’t there so I don’t know if it’s just because I play on mobile or not 🤷‍♀️

  35. Xaryo says

    What editing software that you are using?

  36. Jordio says


  37. mxlxdy Xx says


  38. ULTIMATE emo 64 ! says

    How did u get avatar pic the one on your profile pic

  39. Alisha Roblox says


  40. its_Blue says

    So nobody gonna talk about the intro??

  41. Dev says

    I felt like when I checked the comments I would see a boy saying you sound hot

  42. crystal_ann_ rose 262 says


  43. Flatterinq says


  44. Jamie Rapos says


  45. Lixia vids says

    Faeglow can you please do a vid with me on my channel I'm a new roblox youtuber so yeah lol

  46. Victorious says

    I already knew the first 2nd and 3rd

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