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The BMW 5 Series is the German firm’s mid-size saloon that is full to the brim with technology. The 5 Series features an interior heavily borrowed form the 7 Series, but scaled down to fit. Buyers have a whole host of technological options but, the award winning iDrive comes as standard. However, can the 5 Series match the desirable look and interior of the Mercedes E-Class? It may be able to beat the Mercedes for ride quality, but is it as fun to drive as the Jaguar XF? Find out all my thoughts in this in-depth video review of the BMW 5 Series

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  1. Save an extra £2,000 on a BMW 5 Series with BMW‘s scrappage scheme.
    Find out how here:

  2. Mat,
    I am following most of your programs.
    Recently, you are taking very fast, why?
    Sometimes we can understand what are you saying!

  3. Hello, I have a G30 530d myself and have added a review about its 1 year ownership, can you please check it out and share your reviews

  4. I just got a 520i curtecy car to cover while my m240i is in for work. Brakes are good, engine feels gutless and seeing position is to high. Can't wait to get my car back.

  5. I got the 530le in china, the back seat is like 7 series style, and is also longer than normal 5 series, i just love it, i could travel more than 400km and arrive nice and relaxed…


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