BTS SUGA is Criticized By Netizens For Sampling Cult-Leader Jim Jones Sermon.


BTS SUGA is currently facing criticism.
The criticism arose after netizens pointed out that a track “What do you think?”
sampled a speech by Jim Jones.
Jim Jones is a cult leader who conspired a mass murder-suicide of his followers in 1978.
Over 900 people were ordered to commit suicide by him including over 200 children.

Big Hit Entertainment apologized for the Jim Jones sample on SUGA’s song.
K-netizens criticized SUGA and Big Hit Entertainment even more after their apology.

What do you think?
What’s the international fans’ opinion about this issue?

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  1. Murder scenes, drugs addiction, rape or other crime stories are everywhere. Are they promoting them? They are used in the story to tell a story. Yoongi's song is a diss song! Though BH may claim that they were unaware of the source, but I would rather hope it was put up intentionally to diss it!! After 7 years of BTS n AgustD contents isn't it enough to speak for themselves? Couldn't we have faith on them? Yoongi, ????????????????

  2. I think it's okay to criticize the sample choice but I don't think Sufa should've gotten so much hate on it. Bighit said he didn't choose it himself and I don't think he meant to harm anyone by using the sample…

  3. Yes suga is not promoting what Jim JOnes did.. although in a fact i wouldnt want to hear speech of such horrible person .. although it is fair to say artist have freedom bt his music is heard by many people in the world which may give rise to such act of violence .. it is to say although i feel that part of speech shouldnt have been a part of his song in the first place I never would stop listening to his music in future

  4. I will just leave it to one thing.
    What you are using doesn't matter, how you are using it matters.

    Give me a hammer. I can make you a house or bash your brains out. The hammer remains constant. The outcome differs.

  5. I dont think Suga intended to harm or hurt anyone, I think people SERIOUSLY need to relax now adays, dont we already have WAY BIGGER things to worry about other than a line from a song? No offense to ANYONE but I just dont think this is that major!! Love you Seoul Fellas, your still my babies!! Lol??

  6. All you haters tried to bring Suga down just broke record. Highest kpop solo artist chart on billboard no.11. I'm black army wasn't offend people saying Jim Jones hated black people he had a black wives and black child. In his craziness he thought he was saving black people by taking this yo the promise land first in Africa and then heaven.

  7. Bitter funny. How many of haters heard before about Jim Jones? Almost 0. Is not like that person was everywhere on media in last years, you have to dig a lot and to have knowledge about US facts, so you can find out about him. I am just saying, Suga fighting! We are here for all of you, BTS. And yes, sometimes if you use what a bad bad guy said in your speech is like to make people to don”t forget the teribbile facts. Especially that the haters even did not really know what the song mean, they do not get the message.

  8. if you are producing your own song you would know what you are putting in it. and later when people accuse of you doing smt wrong you can come out and tell what you wanted to do by doing it. not go around saying this or that. it is not fans who should make statements abt it bc it means nothing as haters attack to people for no reason make a simple thing a big thing the stans can close their eyes to anything their favs do.
    i read the lyrics of the song and it is just another typical personal i am top you are bottom case song. if you use such a person's speech the song should be somthing big abt societ's wrong doings or something. how just dissing your haters need such a sample?

  9. I think Suga should just apologize and explain this misunderstanding personally. everyone knows that suga is a free person but a person after all so let's take the time to just see what he gonna do But what hurts me the most in this story is that people don't care what Suga did but they want something against BTS they want to bring out all their hatred for BTS but that's ok
    i think Suga is the only one who can put end to that.

  10. Yow what do you think is my fav track in d-2. When I first listen to it, I thought whose voice was that in the beginning. And now finding where it came from, especially from Jim Jones (that I really know because I've search before what he did) just make me so shock. So this is why people are mad at him mmh, I saw people on Twitter mad at suga and I don't know why, now I know. Seriously, I'm so tired of BTS facing these criticisms and hates. There's so many hate and kasi going on towards bts. I'm always hurt seeing these kind of news. ? I hope BTS are doing okay, I hope they don't feel bad about what's happening with the criticisms.

  11. BTS is at their end….no one can take this much criticism anf still be in their right mind to produce music let alone do a world tour…this will definitely destroy their reason to produce music especially because this being sugas producing work, their next album is also self produced….People will clearly be happy that BTS are off the scene….Watch 2020 be their last thanx to "Army"

  12. What the f*ck.. we are at the middle of pandemic and people keep criticizing others.. dont worry Suga, Armys are here to defend you ??

  13. Leave Yoongi alone. Musicians should be able to use controversy in their art. The point of art is to inspire thought, not just to pacify. The Jim jones incident is something important we should always remember so we know that people with that manipulative skill exist and are dangerous. Forgetting and erasing does not help.

  14. I agree with the fact that yoongi has artistic freedom to do whatever he wants with his art, i also know that in the hiphop culture artists are free to use samples to reflect their opinions and feelings…
    This isn't the case HERE. BigHit released their statement.Turns out they don't know who jim jones is. So all the theories that they sampled him on purpose out of mockery,critisize him since he was anti korean was all false people. This is very upsetting obviously to say the least. They sampled him without even knowing who he was, what he had done or anything about him.This still strikes as odd because the speech is not as popular and its very hard to find. The people that recognized the sample were the people who had done extensive research on jones WHICH means whoever took the sample of the speech would've search for the speech to begin with but in the statement released by BH it states that the producers didn't know and yoongi wrote the lyrics as shown in the credits,BH apologized that they didn't notice the part on the song but if they only went an extra mile out of curiousity and proper research and tried finding out "Where is this quoted from" "Where is this sample from" "Whose voice is this" then perhaps it would've tracked down onto the speech jim jones had a lot time ago. Only if extra steps like these were taken the whole matter would've been avoided so its very upsetting and saddening to be honest.
    i love yoongi so much and i hope he comes live and justify this whole thing and LASTLY this shouldn't be a cause for people to trend this while we have way more important issues going on especially BLM we need to raise awareness on way more important issues.

  15. Honestly the speech that put there is scary… Creepy…
    1. "… though you are dead, yet you shall live, and he that liveth and believeth shall never die."
    2. "Faithful worker coming in night after night, giving me heart, giving me spirit of socialism, their love"

  16. I don't know about others but that speech part made me hate Jj even more than I already did. I don't see why people are saying he's promoting that guy? Like even if he brought it up to people I don't think anyone, absolutely anyone would think JJ was a good person after searching about him. Right after that cut the song literally says I don't give fuck about what you said. Seriously it didn't feel like he was praising him or anything.

  17. I don't know anything about it. So I don't have the right to hate him nor his song. As long as he apologized about it and didn't make things get worst. It's totally fine. He already remove the song so I guess it's enough.

  18. In the view of an international producer such as Suga, all the trademark and copyright information is agreed with and paid to the source of the music he is sourcing from. I understand that he might not know who he was, there is a big marketing team that works behind the scene knowing where or what this source of music/track is from, at least the basic information enough to publish a song. Simply being a public eye, there are responsibilities that need to take into consideration especially your fans are international. I am not against Suga or BTS I love them for what they do, at least this is a lesson for them and us that it is important to express your music with clear and direct intentions (no misunderstandings), as well as knowing the details of the source of using other tracks, not your own (plagiarism and other issues). As they grow as an international star and as a person, it is important to acknowledge the international history and culture that you might reference in your songs. Thank you for reading this, I feel like this is something important for everyone to know, defending or against it is not about canceling culture but what we can learn from this. Please do not attack me lol and I hope my grammars didn't disrupt a little insight into the process of sourcing music into your own song.

  19. I think the smart thing to do will be for Yoongi to come out live and explain himself, I don’t know if it was his ignorance or what he was trying to do with the speech but he better apologize. I mean why would he sabotage himself like that? Especially since Bts are known worldwide and in USA? Not an excuse but could it be from ignorance and mistake?


  21. Je pense que cette chanson va être écouter encore plus vu l intérêt qu'elle a susciter …… Bref y a tlmnt de personne qui tu et torture d autre personnes et personne ne s est excuser faute ou pas c est pas nous de juger ….


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