BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION


BUT HOW??? | One Piece Chapter 976 FIRST REACTION

One piece chapter 976 is out!!


Check out Revujo’s Art!!!


ALSO, the almost official looking color spread at the end of the video was made by Meno!!! It’s amazing!! Show him love ^^

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  1. MageBlinkan says

    Luffy wanted 10 and now we have 10, time for the King of the Pirates to whoop some butt!!

  2. blackheartwolf says

    germa maybe had a secret weapon to escape

  3. Asif Omar says

    Hi JoyBoy,

    I have a new theory for You.

    Have you ever noticed that the giant trees that grow in Onepiece grow only in the Grandline and never in the north, south, east or west blue. Why is that?

    Could it be that there is something that is in the grand line that helps these trees to grow.

    Could it be that these trees require nutrients from all four seas in order to grow.

    We know that the knock-up stream sends seawater from all four blue's into the grandline.

    Could this be why some trees grow to giant sizes.

    Shabondy park, the tree of Adam, the giant tree at Elbaf

  4. saureg01 says

    Whale shark estimates from field data suggest they may live as long as 130 years. How many life spend he still have?

  5. Anime JT says


  6. Sailen Rox says

    What mindblowing for me, is that Jinbe was first named fucking (it feels like) eons ago. Around chapter 42-50, when fucking Yosaku explained the Shichibukai to us. BEFORE SANJI EVEN JOINED! And then almost 500 chapters went by until we finally saw Jinbe! And I dont even talk about how long it was until he now FINALLY joined. I mean Chapter 42 did release (in my country at least) in 1998. That was 22 years ago!

  7. theoneandonlyworldruler says

    joyboy. the woman that can travel in time. maybe she is the mother of zoro too. i mean its possible for her.

  8. MadFake9939 says

    Jimbei is easily my favorite Strawhat. Dont know why so many people hate on him. He fits in perfectly and that Luffy has a Fishmen in his Crew just makes sense and also now he is not anymore too overpowerd for luffys crew but still on Sanji level

  9. afromarco005 says

    Jimbe>Sanji for sure

  10. afromarco005 says

    isnt Sanji already the best cook? Its been proven in WCI.

  11. japaneseflea says

    sang Jimbie's intro in my head to the Rolling Stones' – Sympathy for the Devil

    ♫Please allow me to introduce myself… Tell me baby, what's my name
    Tell me honey, can ya guess my name   Wooooooooo ♪♪

  12. Johnny Quam says

    There will be another member join the straw hats crew will be a logia devil Fruit

  13. Johnny Quam says

    I been watching and reading one piece for long Time I’m 29 year old and married and have three kids

  14. Johnny Quam says

    I know he was joining the straw hats and now who is the next people to join the crew

  15. Rafael Ventura says

    Maybe the Big Mom Pirates think they are still under attack from Kaido and will ally with straw hats to fight Kaido then realise she’s an ally of Kaido now and but by then it will be too late and Kaido will get angry at Big Mom and fight her 😂 at the end of the day why is big mom by herself the whole of Wano .. has she been able to talk to her crew ? Because if not then that’s dramas

  16. japaneseflea says

    jimbei could be the strongest while fighting on the sea and on land time battle he's not quite as dominate  .. UNLESS HE'S HOLDING A CUP OF BLACK TEA AT ALL TIMES

  17. Ivan Reyes says

    Now the Straw hats are to OP . Every other crew has 3 commanders/ admiral to take on Jinbe, Zoro, and Sanji . Plus the captain/ fleet admiral to take on Luffy . But who will take on Go D. Usopp ?

  18. Mer Mer says

    Joy Boy, I used to criticize you harshly on your old videos with the theories but the videos you are making lately are fantastic. Good job. Also, I want to ask you whether you find it a coincidence that Jinbe joined at the week of his birthday, Caesar is having his birthday this week and Oda said long ago that the next nakama are going to join cosecutively. Couldn't he mean that they are about to join in two chapters in a row, could he?

  19. Zepherlink says

    There's only one spot available for carrot and its already been hinted on, if she joins it will be under the role.as "the stowaway"

  20. OhhToxix says

    kid had a funny reaction

  21. Tap Dance says

    10 years you know lol I turning 30 in a few days , I've shown more commitment to one piece than any relationships lol, that's not even including when I 1st started watching from the 4kids dud in secondary school. on the plus side due to the lockdown my current, Gf has started watching one piece lol. me watching yours and tekkings videos , was a starting point. Now I have to be typing this in the living room with headphones, so " I don't spoil any f*****g more" lol. So know your intro is hurting lol

  22. Micky Thao says

    What?! Who doesn’t like Jinbe?!

  23. SolaraProject says

    i bet you my left testicle that most of the people who hastes Jimbei, is built like Jimbei..

  24. HiHowAreYou says

    Jimbei's most "Straw Hat" moment: The exchange with Luffy / Nami in Big Mom book prison. Definitely some humor/ridiculousness in how quickly he tosses the torch with no hesitation or expression despite Nami's protests. Love it.

  25. soulparade says

    Does Bigmon have a fish man? https://youtu.be/g5wGrga7Cic

  26. gagsr1 says

    Hiyori for shogun, Momo new strawhat?

  27. Marius Ban says

    I got a few thoughts: remember how Jinbe convinced Luffy to talk to Capone, maybe that's what happened with Big Mom. I think he came up with a plan, was abord Big Mom ship when they invaded Wano, and maybe he even saved Big Mom from drowning. Big Mom could pretend to be Kaido's ally, and turn against him. I can see Jinbe come up with a plan like this. Would be a win win situation for SH and BM.

  28. Khalid M.u-20 says

    He will not be on the ship like the others, he will go on missions to find new aliens, argue, arguments he's more like consultant and proxy for the crow

  29. J_ZEPP says

    Jinbei as a BigMom's spy ??

  30. Devin says

    Your getting a little out hand..Jimbei is a former warlord, there’s no way Sanji is stronger than him, especially since he fought Ace, a warlord contender

  31. Nathan Stacks says

    I think that Neko Inu and Chopper would be a nice battle, with Choppers “Monster form” and even a major power up for Chopper where he awakens his devil fruit in a Sulong-esque form

  32. Phillip Moghaddam says

    It does seem suspicious that Jinbe escaped Big Mom, but I'm sure all will be explained.

    I'm going to be honest, I can be rather cynical with some characters, because you never know what someone is like until it is too late. Remember Rob Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa, and Blueno? And now that we confirmed that Kanjuro was the traitor. Does anyone have a bad feeling about this sudden appearance? Then again, I guess that's just my paranoia.

  33. Miastra Therianthropy says

    Carrot joins simply for her relationship with Chopper. That is how I see her joining. Her curiosity brought her to the death of Pedro. Her and chopper being a 'team' makes sense in the Yonko upgrade. Also a secondary lookout in the crow's next with Ussop. So I see her joining possibly along with finally Vivi depending on what happened to her. I don't see Carrot becoming another arc princess….

  34. David Bowen says

    It may not be flashy but "Fishmen" swimming away from a bunch of OP devil fruit users makes the most sense to me. Oda is big on being unconventional so that's probably not what happened though.

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